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Hair today... and tomorrow
"My brother assumed I pluck my eyebrows. I don't."
Last week the Magazine told of one woman's plan to overturn prejudices about female hair removal, with a New Year's resolution to stop shaving. Here, in our Reader's Column, Kasandra Mason, 28, from Bristol, says she hasn't shaved, waxed or plucked for years and feels better for it.

I know body hair is natural, so why is so much money and time invested in getting rid of it? Even men seem to be doing it these days.

I gave up waxing/shaving regularly a few years ago. If I'm totally honest, it was laziness that prompted my decision. It's the very same reason I don't wear makeup. I wouldn't describe myself as particularly hairy, and my hair is quite light in colour, so I don't feel that I'm making a statement about feminine beauty or anything.

First, I stopped shaving in winter - who was going to see my legs in winter? Then I stopped altogether. The only person who noticed was my flat-mate because I'd stopped using all the hot water.

This was long before I met my husband, and the only complaint I get from him is when I do shave - the re-growth is too scratchy.

My step-son took great pride in the fact that he could finally say he has hairier legs than me. He now has the hairiest legs in the house. Perhaps this is a male prerogative?


My mother-in-law takes my hairy state as another sign of my general craziness, but no-one has ever had anything bad to say about it. I take that as a sign that I've chosen the right friends. Of course, not one of them has followed my example.

I would definitely recommend not shaving to anyone who asks. It's just one thing to take off the list of far too many things to do in a day. And think of all the holiday shopping you can do if you stop paying for waxings?

I feel the same way about female body hair as I do about male body hair - it belongs where it grows, but it's your choice if you want to keep it there or not.

I've tried waxing, which I find far too painful. I think it was because I let the hair get to braiding length before doing anything about it.

I don't really wear short clothing - it's too cold in this country for that. Sometimes I get the bikini out at the beach, and I've been known to do a bit of naked sunbathing in the back garden.

It is a rather odd sensation to feel your leg hairs blowing around in the breeze, but it's the simple things that are the most amusing.

This sort of decision comes to you when you're a bit older and a lot surer of who you are and what's really important in life
Kasandra Mason
I'm not sure if I would've had the courage to go around au natural when I was younger - I think this sort of decision comes to you when you're a bit older and a lot surer of who you are and what's really important in life.

Men who complain about body hair need a good slap, if you ask me. How many of them, as a percentage, remove their body hair with the same regularity that they expect from their girlfriends?

I was sitting in a pub just the other day, talking to my brother about my eyebrows. He assumed that I pluck them (he was complaining that he has to do his). I don't.

I think my legs are hairy enough to get a second look. So what. I get looks in winter when I get around in my "Tsarina" cloak and furry hat. My comfort is more important to me than the opinions of total strangers.

I'm sure my step-kids are glad it's not hot enough for me to wear mini-skirts. They're at the age where image is important, but I know they like to say "oh, that's just our crazy step-mum," which seems to excuse my strange behaviour.

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