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Unsung landmarks - the final eight
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Unsung Landmarks

The Magazine's search for Britain's best unsung landmark got down to the final eight. Click on the pictures above to get a closer look of each.


Landmark vote results
What's an unsung landmark? For every classic, tourist-friendly landmark, such as the London Eye, Big Ben, Liverpool's Liver Building, Stonehenge or Edinburgh Castle, there are dozens of lesser-known but equally loved notable buildings and structures across the UK.

But rarely, if ever, do these figure in tourist brochures or Richard Curtis films - their fan base tends to be among locals, rather than foreign travellers or out-of-towners.

How did you get the final eight? The Magazine's call for readers to nominate their favourite unsung landmark met with a huge response - we received more than 1,200 nominations.

An object in the landscape, which, by its conspicuousness, serves as a guide in the direction of one's course (orig. and esp. as a guide to sailors in navigation); hence, any conspicuous object which characterises a neighbourhood or district
OED definition of 'landmark'

We picked a shortlist of 28 based on those which received numerous nominations or, in a few cases, those where we were won over by a reader's particularly impassioned backing. Those were divided into four regional votes, of seven. The final eight represent the winner and runner-up in each region.

How do I register my vote? Thumbnails of the eight finalists are shown at the top of this page. Click on any one of them to get a bigger picture, and some detail about each. When you've chosen your favourite, simply register your vote in the module on the right-hand-side of this page.

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