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Send the Magazine your weight loss pictures
Slimming World's Young Male Slimmer of the Year
Harry Moore, who lost four stone
With obesity levels rising, the nation is being encouraged to eat healthily and get active. If you've lost weight recently, send us before and after pictures.

Figures due out this week are set to show that obesity has risen by 38% in adults since 2003.

The Department of Health report is expected to show that if nothing changes, a third of men will be obese by 2010, and 22% of girls and 19% of boys between the ages of two and 15 will be chronically obese.

Have you decided to take action against your own expanding girth?

Send us before and after photos, with some details about how you strived to reach your target weight and fitness.

Some of your comments on this story:

I'm 5"7 and a nice size 14. I exercise regularly and admit to liking junk food in moderation yet when I visited the doctors I was told that I was clinically obese! I was then told that going to the gym regularly was not helping me to loose weight. I only went for a check-up. -x-
Natalie Hornshaw, Hull, UK

I used to be obese in my teenage years, weighing 15 stone at the age of 16. This went even higher at university, despite the fact that I was doing plenty of physical activity. After training I used to go to the university shop and buy crisps and other junk food. I went as high as almost 20 stone (126kg) by the age of 21. I realised then that I could not carry on like this and, to start with I stopped eating all the high fat and calorie foods, yet eating enough not to feel hungry. I then went off to work in Europe, and due to several factors, like living on my own (rather than with parents), cooking for myself, regulated meal regime and continuous physical training, I have managed to lose 4 stone (30kg) in one year. I have increased my fitness to the level of being able to run marathons. My belief is that anyone can change - I did, and with good support anyone overweight or obese can achieve this.
Ivan, London

It's always hard to try and lose weight - at times it's probably one of the hardest things to do, but it's all down to perseverance and willpower. I've decided to make a change and try and lead a healthy lifestyle - in just over a month I've lost just under 2 stone and have dropped a waist size (I'm currently 44"). I wish Bethany, and anyone else who wants to make a change, the very best of luck. Remember - it's not a diet, it's a change of lifestyle.
Evan, Cardiff, UK

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