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Last Updated: Wednesday, 12 July 2006, 13:37 GMT 14:37 UK
R.I.P. Windows 98
WINDOWS 98 has crashed. And burned. Its pixels are growing dark. It has been deep-sixed. The operating system has been given the boot.

Windows 98 and its maker
Happier times
In the ominous words of its maker Microsoft, it has "transitioned to a non-supported status".

The patient is not technically dead, but has had its life support system switched off. Permanently. Microsoft will no longer provide technical support or security updates. It has already had one reprieve in 2003, when public pressure stopped Microsoft pulling the plug. But the decision taken this year is final.

For a while there has been new software that will not run properly on the system. And now nothing will be done to patch up holes that could be exploited by malicious hackers.

Nostalgia trip

While few will mourn the recalcitrant eight-year-old, many computer users will harbour fond memories of Windows 98. In automobile terms, it could be likened to a Volvo 240, a cumbersome but useful vehicle, with problems that were well-known but solvable.

For the world into which Windows 98 (and cousins Windows 98 Second Edition and Windows Me) was born is very different to today. The internet was something that made a strange weebley noise while establishing a connection. Now broadband rules the roost.

And those determined to administer CPR to keep the venerable operating system ticking over will find it harder and harder to maintain a pulse as software makers turn their backs on it.

Its plain blue default background is now giving away to the green hills and blue sky of XP.

No e-flowers please.

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Another 1 bytes the dust.
Tim G, London, UK

Word to word, crashes to crashes, dos to dos.
Dan, Redhill, Surrey

So it's curtains for Windows 98.
Matthew, Edinburgh

Rest In PC.
JP, Swindon, England

Windows is shutting down...................
Alan, London UK

A pane-ful demise.
Mark G, Maidenhead, UK

Ctrl Alt Defeat
Candace, New Jersey, US

Gone to the Pearly Bill Gates.
Mike , Newcastle upon Tyne

Had its chips
Clive, Nottingham, England

And on its tombstone it shall read: MSMARKETING caused a general protection fault in module WIN98.DRV at 0012:072006dead
Ian, Birmingham, UK

Stop the cpu clock, cut off the broadband line,
Prevent the mouse from clicking for another time,
Silence the onboard speaker and disconnect the lot
Bring out the CD case, and put back into the box.
Let wireless and bluetooth send their signals to be read
Transmitting through the sky with the message
It Is Dead,
Put plastic ties 'round the cables unplugged,
Let computer technicians wear anti-static gloves.
It was my Northbridge, and my Southbridge to run,
My 9 to 5 and my evening fun,
My email, my pictures, and mp3 song;
I thought that o/s would last for ever:
I was wrong.
The pixels are not wanted now: put out each and all;
Pack up the monitor and and unplug the scanner from the wall;
Wipe down the desk and bin Windows 98.
For nothing now will ever see an update.
Geoff Slaughter, London, UK

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