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Your best nicknames
Kevin the Gerbil and Roland Rat
Poor Kevin from Kidderminster...aka gerbil
Earlier this week, many of you shared your experiences of growing up with an embarrassing, or amusing, nickname. Here's another slice of the best.

As The Magazine reported on Wednesday, Pele has admitted he doesn't like his nickname and punched the classmate who came up with it. You weren't slow to share your own, sometimes painful, experiences.

1. Pele has nothing to fear. My twin brother and I are journalists. Good friends call me Clarke Kent. Unfortunately for my brother, friends reckoned at the time there was only one name for Clarke's sidekick... Lois.
Nick Smith, London, UK

2. As a rather over-weight child, a kid at school used my surname to great effect by calling me 'Earthcraike'. During football people would shout it and fall into a heap on the ground. I have since adopted this as my self-appointed nickname and love how unique it is.
Johnny Craike, Birmingham

3. I made ONE mistake at the age of 14 and have hence forth been burdened with the nickname "Village" (as in "village idiot"). I hate it with a passion, but despite my best efforts to shake this burden (I've tried begging, threatening and emotional blackmail) I have been stuck with it for the past 15 years.
Paul Aston, highbridge/somerset

4. I became Sockhead in sixth form, because it sounds like my surname and I have a huge sock collection, and I rather like it. It did, however, become so widespread that when teachers mentioned 'Catherine', some of my friends would ask 'Who? You mean Sockhead?'
Catherine M. Salkeld, Consett, UK

Muffin the Mule
What's wrong with muffin? It can be shortened
5. If I ever have the opportunity to meet the person who invented Roland Rat I would like to take the opportunity to shake him firmly by the throat. Because of him, I was Gerbil throughout school and I hated it.
Kevin, Kidderminster - UK

6. Sometimes nicknames can stick even when they are not anything to do with the person directly. A friend of a friend in South Wales is still to this day is called "Six weeks", all because his mum didn't pay the milkman for that long.
Barry Taylor, London, UK

7. I got called Placenta for a while because I once said I was named "after birth".
Martin, London, UK

8. My name is Daniel. In the first week of secondary school one of the popular older kids called me "Barry" during a football game, and being new, I didn't correct him. As a result everyone else called me Barry and it took me ages to get the courage to tell people that wasn't my name. However it stuck and now even my own mother calls me Barry.
Daniel 'Barry' Blake, Ruislip, London, UK

9. I've called my sister "Fagle" for years, though her real name is Shailee. Neither of us remember where the nickname came from anymore. One of my good friends thought that my sister's REAL name was Fagle and bit her tongue for two years until she couldn't take it anymore and pulled me aside to say "I can't believe your parents gave your sister such an ugly name!"
Rusha, Ann Arbor, US

10. My local pub has a group of regulars, seven of whom are called Paul. Nicknames have inevitably developed to avoid confusion. Now none of us is called Paul. We are Pablo, PB, Brownie, Werrity, Smiffy, Jonno and Albert.
Paul 'Pablo' Radford, Leicester, UK

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