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Last Updated: Friday, 6 May, 2005, 15:51 GMT 16:51 UK
Quiz of the week's news

It's the Magazine's quiz of the week's news, 7 days 7 questions.

This quiz is published every Friday - but you can find it at any stage of the week on the Magazine index.

Question 1
Which discovery has been described as "the most beautiful ever" in its field?
A: The Falcarius bird-like dinosaur uncovered in a "mass grave" in the US
B: The 2,300-year-old mummy found in Egypt's Saqqara burial
C: Photographs of Saturn's small moon Epimetheus
D: The largest on-shore oil reserve to be found in 30 years
Question 2
What was being blamed on a "software anomaly"?
A: A last-minute delay to Apple launching its iTunes Music Store in Australia
B: The heating on Virgin trains which switched off when temperatures dropped below freezing
C: A postal vote blunder in Folkestone, which saw many households receive two sets of ballots
Question 3
Which dame spent two-and-a-half hours "saying no" to Colin Farrell's advances?
A: Dame Judi Dench
B: Dame Joan Plowright
C: Dame Eileen Atkins
D: Dame Maggie Smith
Question 4
"It was a tongue in cheek idea which seemed to catch the imagination?" Who said it, about what?
A: Designer Pep Torres about the "Your Turn" washing machine which insists couples share the house work
B: Singer-guitarist Eric Clapton on reforming his 1960s supergroup Cream
C: Nursing home matron Maria Kallis on the outsize ashtray memorial to a 105-year-old chain smoking resident
Question 5
Tony Christie's song (Is This The Way To) Amarillo is number one in the UK for the seventh consecutive week. What was the last song to reach this milestone?
A: Love Is All Around by Wet Wet Wet
B: (Everything I Do) I Do It For You by Bryan Adams
C: Believe by Cher
D: A Little Less Conversation (remix) by Elvis Presley
Question 6
What word is missing from this BBC News website headline? ______ makes your brain grow
A: Alcohol
B: Stress
C: Fish
D: Happiness
Question 7
Tony Blair will be 52 on Friday, 6 May, the same age as all the following famous names except one - which one?
A: Liam Neeson
B: David Hasselhoff
C: Alexei Sayle
D: Patrick Swayze
E: Jeff Goldblum
F: Michael Keaton

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And now the bonus question, in which we give you the answer and you tell us (maybe) what the question is.

Marks are deducted for predictability and a selection of your most wrong questions is published throughout the course of Friday. The correct question will be revealed about 1500BST.

This week's answer is "PUPPY SLIPPERS".

Entries are now closed. Incorrect questions included:

What soothes your barking dogs?
Sharon Brown, USA

Dogs on rollerskates?
Sarah, UK

What well-watched Welsh corgis will be wearing?
Tim Francis-Wright, Boston, US

What inspired a young Hannibal Lecter?
Candace, New Jersey, US

What fashion accessory is favoured by the Countryside Alliance now foxgloves are out?
JEB, Ulverston UK

What, if given the right care, can grow up to be dog sleds?
PJ, Barcelona

What has Tony Blair said he will lift VAT on after the general election?
Amanda, Bermuda

Which new invention, sponsored by 'Pedigree', was launched today for dogs to wear after returning from walks in frost or snow?
Joanne Allott, Australia

What is the name of new Canadian ice-hockey expansion team in Labrador?
Martin, India

What do you need to quieten a litter of noisy puppies?
Kim Gough, England

When puppy love goes bad?
James, UK

What can you make out of your pet labrador who keeps stealing your toilet rolls?
Stuart Pashley, England

The medical term for patients whose injuries stem from slipping on faeces deposited by their adorable new pets?
Vicky, UK

What is the only thing less amusing than the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy movie?
Geoffrey, USA

Apart from Pole-Wetting and lap crushing, what's in vogue at the Kennel Club?
Robin, UK

What was Mr Blair's least favourite birthday present today?
Pennie Forthem, UK

The correct answer is what did Charlotte Church don this week for an evening run to the shops, much to the delight of the paparazzi? Puppy slippers, of course.


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