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Last Updated: Tuesday, 29 November 2005, 11:42 GMT
Does my bum look big in this?
By Chi Chi Izundu
Radio 1 Newsbeat

Chi Chi  Izundu
Chi Chi before and after
They're marketed as the 'instant bottom in a box' that will give you a behind Jennifer Lopez would be proud of.

But can a simple pair of pants really give me a derriere to rival the woman with arguably the most famous bum in the world?

Jennifer Lopez's generous shape and Kylie Minogue's pert behind repeatedly top polls of the figures that most women would like to have. They have put curves back in fashion, so I decided to get a little help to flesh out my shape.

The Shapes Contour Panty is described as "ingenious" by one lingerie website and according to the manufacturer, Falkes, completely sold out when first launched. A spokesman for the company told me they would make me feel sexy and help me "work my curves".


I admit it is confusing for men, most of whom know to answer "no" when asked: "Does my bum look big in this?" But these pants - which cost 29 - are not about giving you a bigger behind, they are about defining and lifting what you already have to give that perfect "ledge" bottom that a lot of people want.

Even women with wide hips can still be quite flat at the back and skinny women often complain they have no bottom. Few people are happy with what mother nature gave them.

I was sold on the idea but when they arrived they bore a striking resemblance to Bridget Jones's awful granny knickers. The results were noticeable but instead of feeling sexy, I felt uncomfortable, restricted and hot. They were horrendous to wear.

Chi Chi  Izundu
Bridget Jones would be proud
The pants came high up my back so any type of low-cut jeans were out of the question. They also got pushed up even further when I sat down, so I ended up standing most of the time for fear the pads would pop out the back of my jeans or skirt.

The reaction I got was mixed. Men loved them but said they felt cheated when they found out my curves were down to padding.

One stranger even felt the urge to pinch my more voluptuous bottom, but I had to be told by a friend that he was doing it as I couldn't feel a thing through the padding.

Women liked the idea of having an instant bum boost, but said they wouldn't use them when confronted with a pair. I think it's an aesthetics thing, there is nothing redeeming about the way they look.

But ultimately, I felt conspicuous and self conscious. Yes my bum looked big in them and I didn't really like that.



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