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Last Updated: Friday, 18 November 2005, 16:43 GMT
Faces of the week

Our regular look at some of the faces which have made the news this week. Above are Jennifer Aniston (main picture), with Stella Rimington, Ozzy Osbourne, Dr Ian Paisley and Sharon Stone.

Jennifer Aniston

With her latest movie making waves in the States, a GQ award for Man of the Year and a reinvigorated life post-Brad Pitt, has Jennifer Aniston finally begun to shake-off the legacy of Friends?

The history of cinema is littered with television icons who just couldn't hack it on the silver screen.

Henry Winkler - aka The Fonz from Happy Days - was never able to transfer that enervating streetwise charisma on to film, although he has become a respected producer.

Baywatch star Pamela Anderson has attracted more than her fair share of knockers since leaving those LA beaches. Her biggest hit has been a pornographic home video featuring her and former husband Tommy Lee.

And Wilfred Brambell and Harry H Corbett's contemptible Steptoe and Son Ride Again showed that pure gold could indeed be turned into utter dross.

Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt in 2004
Before the split: Aniston and Pitt
How then, will Jennifer Aniston, known worldwide as Rachel out of Friends, fare in the Hollywood jungle?

True, she has already starred in a number of movies, including the poorly-received 1993 shocker, Leprechaun, and a thin romantic comedy, Along Came Polly, in 2004.

So will she find the transformation beyond her, or follow other small-screen stars, like George Clooney, Will Smith and Catherine Zeta Jones, who have trod a glittering path through Tinseltown?

Aniston's latest outing, Derailed, is a million miles away from the frothy delights of Friends' Rachel Green.

A dark thriller, featuring a torrid affair, blackmail, and a rape scene, the movie shows Aniston's determination to cast her net far wider than the cosy confines of the Central Perk coffee shop.

Steeped in showbiz

But, with a Friends audience which peaked at 52.9 million viewers in the US alone, there must be times when Jen looks back over her shoulder at the behemoth she has left behind.

"The new film has lots of box-office potential," says Olly Richards, news editor at Empire magazine. "It opened to $12m of business over the first weekend. It's Aniston who has pushed that figure up because of her following for Friends."

And it's not just Aniston's reputation which is on the line. Derailed is the first movie from Hollywood producers Bob and Harvey Weinstein's new, post-Miramax, company.

Telly Savalas
Telly Savalas: Jen's godfather
The men responsible for Lord of the Rings and The English Patient will be looking to weave yet more big-screen magic, as their competitors assess whether the Weinsteins still have the Right Stuff.

Jennifer Aniston's whole life has been steeped in showbiz. Her father, John, was a television star and his best friend, the late actor Telly Savalas, was Jennifer's godfather.

Though she studied at the Fiorello H LaGuardia High School of Performing Arts in New York, the inspiration for the movie Fame, her first appearances on the small screen, often in short-lived series and TV movies, drew few plaudits.

"I had done a lot of television shows," Aniston recently admitted. "I sort of thought that's what I did... you do six episodes of this and then you go: 'All right, well that was a good year. Go on to the next one'."

Unlikely award

But in 1994 she hit the jackpot with Friends, worked on the show for a decade, eventually earning $1m an episode and garnering an Emmy and a Golden Globe into the bargain.

Today, Aniston praises "the chemistry and good writing and hard work" which created what she calls "bottled lightning".

Her co-stars, though, have yet to make their mark on the big screen. "Only Lisa Kudrow out of Aniston's Friends cohorts has capitalised on the show, appearing in a number of well-received art-house films," says Richards.

"A TV-watching audience is not the same as film-watching audience."

But GQ magazine certainly thinks that Aniston has what it takes, and has awarded her the title of Man of the Year.

The cast of Friends
Friends enjoyed huge audiences
According to GQ, she earned the honour because of the poise, grace and good humour she showed during her break-up with Brad Pitt earlier this year.

Aniston remains sanguine about the importance of Derailed. "I'm a bit nervous about the release," she says. "But I don't feel, 'Oh, gosh, this is going to make or break my post-Friends life'."

And, if evidence is needed that she might succeed, it might come in the form of her 2002 appearance in The Good Girl.

Aniston's portrayal of a frumpy, frustrated, store clerk who embarks on an extra-marital fling with a younger co-worker (Jake Gyllenhaal) was both tragic and touching and earned her praise from critics and audiences alike.

With five movies in the pipeline, everyone's favourite "girl next door", will have ample opportunity to show the cinema-going world just exactly what she is made of.

Stella Rimington: ID card warning
Stella Rimington

The former head of Britain's security services, Dame Stella Rimington, has voiced her opposition to controversial government proposals to introduce identity cards. She said: "ID cards may be of some use but only if they can be made unforgeable - and all our other documentation is quite easy to forge." This, she says, will render them "absolutely useless". The government has argued that identity cards are wanted by the police and security services.

Cheeky show: Ozzy Osbourne
Ozzy Osbourne

There was more than one full moon in evidence in London this week. Ozzy Osbourne celebrated his induction into the UK's Music Hall of Fame by dropping his trousers after joining his Black Sabbath bandmates on stage. After complaining about the lack of melody in modern songs, the 56-year-old Brummie apologised to the audience at Alexandra Palace for being "a complete lunatic", and thanked his wife Sharon for "sticking with me through the crazy years".

Ian Paisley: Family row
Dr Ian Paisley

All appears not to be rosy in the family of Rev Ian Paisley. His daughter, Rhonda, is taking legal action against him, and her brother Ian Jnr, for sex discrimination after she failed to secure a job in his Democratic Unionist Party. The post in the party's policy and communications unit went to one of the party's councillors in Co Armagh. Rhonda Paisley is taking the case to an industrial tribunal in Belfast.

Settlement: Sharon Stone
Sharon Stone

Sharon Stone has reportedly dropped a lawsuit against a Beverley Hills plastic surgeon. The Basic Instinct actress had accused Renato Calabria of falsely claiming she had had a facelift. In return, he has agreed to treat for free children in need of surgery to remove facial disfigurements. Her lawsuit stated: "Sharon Stone prides herself not only on her acting ability and other talents, but also on her natural physical appearance."

Compiled by BBC News Profiles Unit's Andrew Walker.

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