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Quiz: Politicians' pop taste
Critics have been sneering at George Bush's music tastes after the White House agreed to publish the president's iPod playlists. But when it comes to popular beat combos, what do politicians like?

Question 1
In the early 70s, which of the above pop stars did Tony Blair do a "legendary" impression of, even grabbing a cigarette to add a sense of realism?
A: Jimi Hendrix
B: Mick Jagger
C: David Essex
D: Keith Richards
Question 2
"It's feel-good music. The _______ it's not." Which group did Joe Levy of Rolling Stone magazine name as the antithesis of President Bush's iPod taste?
A: The Sex Pistols
B: The Smiths
C: The Washington Symphony
Question 3
The Scissor Sisters, Dido and Meat Loaf all rank high in the affections of the Conservative front bench, but a CD by which artist did shadow education secretary Tim Collins admit to buying when questioned last year?
A: Cliff Richard
B: Black Eyed Peas
C: Will Young
Question 4
Japanese PM Junichuro Koizumi is such a fan of Elvis Presley he released a CD of karaoke renditions of his favourite songs. What else does Koizumi proudly share with the King?
A: The same birthday
B: A love of cheeseburgers
C: The personal motto: Taking Care of Business
D: A home called Graceland
Question 5
How did John Major explain his choice of Rhapsody in Blue on Radio 4's Desert Island Discs?
A: It reminded him of his beloved Chelsea FC
B: It summoned memories of the Conservative Party
C: It brought to mind his daughter practising the recorder
Question 6
Which group was Lib Dem MP Simon Hughes referring to when he prophetically suggested: "Like Margaret Thatcher they are here-today-gone-tomorrow entertainers"?
A: Hear'Say
B: Babylon Zoo
C: Spice Girls
D: Busted
Question 7
"He gave the kids something to think about, he kept them off the streets, and did more than all the forces of law and order could have done put together." Which leader about which artist?
A: Bill Clinton on Bob Dylan
B: Harold Wilson on John Lennon
C: Jacques Chirac on Johnny Hallyday
Question 8
Which actor-turned-singer claims a part in helping bring down the Berlin wall, and even received the endorsement of former German premier Helmut Kohl?
A: Patrick Swayze
B: Frank Sinatra
C: Kylie Minogue
D: David Hasselhoff
Question 9
Which Grammy-winning singer-songwriter aimed to "bridge the gap between politics and music for youth" by performing in Parliament in 2002?
A: Alicia Keys
B: Nelly Furtado
C: Sheryl Crow
Question 10
Pete Wishart, Kevin Brennan, Ian Cawsey and Greg Knight make up Parliament's only pop group. What are they called?
A: MP4
B: Parliament
C: The Commons People

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