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What your drink says about you
Have a pint to get the creative juices flowing
The lager lout is a thing of the past, replaced by the lager literate, according to research linking certain personalities to alcoholic drinks. So what does your tipple of choice say about you?

At last, a way to find out everything about the mysterious stranger in the pub without having to risk the pitfalls of conversation.

Forget the 10 questions or the star sign, just look at what's in his or her glass.

Research over the course of one week at barLocal in Fulham, London, suggests red wine drinkers are mature and beer drinkers creative.

Red wine - mature in outlook, discerning and organised
Vodka or white wine - entrepreneurial spirit, like being in charge
Tequila - extrovert, free spirits, live for today
Gin - crave comfort and security
Lager or bitter - experimental and creative
Customers who regularly bought a particular drink took part in a psychometric test to establish their personality. They were asked to fill out a card which required them to pick one of five choices of car makes which best described them. There were 100 results for each of seven drink types.

Chartered psychologist Ros Taylor, who helped in the research, says: "This study seems to show a link between your personality and what you drink. This is understandable as everything that we do is an extension of ourselves.

"Outward signs give an indication and clue to what a person is about, such as clothes or hair style. It is not the drink that makes the person, but rather the person who, quite literally in this instance, makes the drink."

Here Ms Taylor sums up the findings:


"Mature in outlook and discerning, reflected by the fact that they know their drinks and palates and in particular their red wines. They tend to be organised professionals and the type of people who alphabetise their CD collections.

"Boring or slightly unadventurous to some, but organised and focused individuals with a clear appreciation of what they like."

(Why? Because 43% of red wine drinkers chose a Volvo Saloon)


"The distinction between vodka and white wine drinkers here is that vodka drinkers represent a younger version of this personality type. They both have an entrepreneurial spirit and like being in charge.

"Fashion is important and they like being up to date with modern style. Whereas a red wine drinker might opt for pinstripe, vodka and white wine drinkers favour Giorgio Armani or designer equivalents. They also tend to be opinionated and independent."

(Why? Because 53% of white wine drinkers and 61% of vodka drinkers chose a Mercedes SLK/Audi Quattro)


"When asked what type of car would sum them up best, many tequila drinkers scrubbed out the Nissan Micra option, instead choosing the VW Beetle. This sums up the fact that most tequila drinkers know that they could never afford to buy a VW at this stage, but could probably opt for a Micra.

"In other words, they aspire to the Beetle. Tequila drinkers are free spirits, unconcerned about tomorrow or achievements either short or long term.

"Really good fun to be around, gregarious in nature and extrovert, the Tequila drinker is typically younger in behaviour and outlook."

(Why? Because 40% of tequila drinkers chose a Nissan Micra/VW Beetle)


"The gin drinker, unlike the tequila drinker, has accepted the reality of their own existence. They focus on the home, family, friends and their interest in transport is to carry as many people around as possible.

"They enjoy the comfort and security that this lifestyle has to offer. They are into relationships, soap operas, novels with happy ending and saving the whale. Fashion passes them by."

(Why? Because 50% of gin drinkers chose a people carrier/Renault Espace)


"This group is experimental and constantly creative in thought and behaviour. However, the majority of these ideas are never acted upon when they are superseded by other ideas.

"They are most likely to enjoy jazz, media and unusual art. They are above mere fashion and favour the drama of wearing black.

"Socially they meet in places like the pub on the corner, which keeps them in touch with their roots.

"Inspiration and invigoration come from meeting and interacting with other disparate, off the wall people. They can be slightly eccentric in behaviour - and rather self consciously enjoy their difference."

(Why? Because 63% of beer drinkers and 60% of rum drinkers chose a Vintage MG / limited edition kit)

Here is a selection of your comments.. The debate is now closed.

UK town centres are full of lager drinkers every weekend and they're not exactly the sorts of people I'd describe as creative and 'above mere fashion'.
Doug McKerracher, Swindon, UK

I drink gin. Yes I am happy in a relationship but I HATE soap operas, detest books with happy endings, I don't object to saving whales and drive a fast car. I don't think a few people in a Fulham pub represent all the drinkers in the UK!
TC, London

What if you don't drink? No personality I guess.
Tannice Pendegrass, Cambridge, UK

Quite accurate. I like gin. I also value my home and relationship above everything else. Fashion doesn't bother me. As for cars, well, I don't have a people carrier, but my Bently will take six. Does that count?
Michael, London

Last night I was a mature, entrepreneurial extrovert, craving comfort in creativity. (Today I'm just craving comfort).
Ben, London, UK

What a load of rubbish! I like most alcoholic drinks, varying what I choose depending on my taste and the circumstance at the time. Presumably if you asked these drinkers the same question on a different day while drinking a different drink you'd get different answers.

I was scared to look at first, then I saw Vodka - you've got me to a tee!! Unbelievable!
Sue, St Albans

Nice bit of fun, but hardly statistically significant. The survey will be heavily weighted by the choice of bar, and why the focus on make of car? Apart from bringing in an aspirational element to it, linking drink and cars in this way seems somewhat irresponsible.
Jamie Woolley, London

Personally I don't align myself with a car at all - what a daft idea! And I used to have some faith in psychometric testing.
Anne, Essex

Wow. I'm a red wine drinker and I own 2 Volvos.
Lorrie, Raleigh, NC USA

I don't drink alcohol, what does this say about me (lime juice and soda water is my drink of choice). Doesn't this really say more about what cars say about a person than what a drink does?

And Fulham is representative of...?
Tarquin, UK

Cider drinkers were presumably unable to read the cards
J Martyn, Northampton

Where's the "all of the above" option?
Tom Finnie, London

What were the researchers drinking in the course of this 'experiment'?
Andrew, Malvern UK

What a load of old tosh - I suppose super strength cider shows I'm ambitious, courageous, and alcoholic? Or Bacardi Breezer shows I like cheap market products, and generally from Essex?
Kevin, Romford, Essex, UK

Lager and bitter drinkers the same personality? Come on, they're like chalk and cheese - visit any Lager Lad pub and then try a CAMRA real ale haunt. No comparison!
Rob, London UK

I like the idea of 'free spirits' - can I get a mixer with mine?
Em, London, UK

What a load of rubbish. The figures don't prove anything. This survey would have me down as "multiple personality" as I drink bitter, red wine and gin in equal measure (though obviously not in the same glass). Why can't these 'researchers' do something useful like find out where I left my car keys based on how I walk?
Matt Hill, Brighton, England

Beer drinkers self-consciously enjoy their difference?? Surely it's the most predictable drink of choice, at least for 'the lads'? I personally find beer drinkers to be the kind of guys who seek safety in numbers, not the most creative of souls!
Jeff Belengazi,

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