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Quiz: The truth about Latin
Robert Kilroy-Silk has launched a new political party called Veritas, Latin for "truth". Even though the language is now largely ignored in schools, it still plays a big part in English. So how well do you know these commonly-used Latin words and phrases?

Question 1
"Veritas" is often used in the phrase "in vino veritas". What does it mean?
A: When you're drunk, you tell the truth
B: As true as wine itself
C: The truth will win
Question 2
Everyone knows that AM refers to times before noon. But what does it stand for?
A: Anti meridian
B: Ante meridiem
C: Ante meridian
Question 3
The letters "i.e." mean "that is". But what do they stand for?
A: id exempli
B: id ego
C: id est
Question 4
The slogan "Ars Gratia Artis" is familiar to those who have seen the MGM lion roaring at the start of films. But what does it mean?
A: Art for art's sake
B: Going to the highest point
C: As it appears on the face
Question 5
What familiar English phrase does "cogito ergo sum" mean?
A: To be or not to be
B: I think therefore I am
C: Clothes maketh the man
Question 6
Julius Caesar's famous saying is which of these?
A: Vidi, vici, veni
B: Veni, vidi, vici
C: Vici, veni, vidi
Question 7
What does "per ardua ad astra" mean?
A: Through hardship to the stars
B: Out of many, one
C: Seize the day
Question 8
What does "quo vadis" mean?
A: Where are you going?
B: Every hour
C: Always faithful
Question 9
What should you do if you see a sign saying "cave canem"?
A: Look out for falling rocks
B: Look out for a dog
C: Remove your hat
Question 10
Which of these words has not come to English from Latin?
A: per se
B: curriculum vitae
C: de facto
D: in loco parentis
E: pyjamas
F: non sequitur
G: post mortem
H: prima facie
I: quid pro quo
J: vice versa

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