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New face, new confidence
The number of men having plastic surgery rose by two-thirds last year, according to research by the British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons. What makes men go under the knife? Adam Millard, 41, had surgery in Cape Town two years ago and says the cost and the pain were worth it.

Adam Millard
Before....... After.............
I'd reached a point where I recognised I was getting older and had partied too hard and had too many sunbeds.

I go clubbing quite a lot - the scene is all about wrapping paper. You walk into a club and want to feel good.

Unfortunately my wrapping paper was getting a bit tatty round the edges and I'm a very fastidious person so hanging out with 'beautiful people' made me pull myself apart.

Because I wasn't confident about my look, I just wouldn't believe people who paid me a compliment. I was walking around with 'I'm feeling insecure' written across my forehead.

Everyone said I was mad, absolutely off my rocker. But I saw the surgeon in London and within minutes of him talking about my face and putting his hands on my face, I thought 'This is the guy for me.'

He was professional, confident and told me it was all about subtlety.

Brow lifted
Eyelids lifted
Fat extracted from beneath eyelashes
Cheek implants
Fat from pelvis put into cheeks either side of the nose
Fat from pelvis put into lips
Five moles removed

Price: 4,000 plus...
Maintenance: Botox every three months (250), lotion twice a day (75), oil nightly (100)
To come: Lips (600)
So I flew to South Africa and when I entered the private hospital I just knew I was in safe hands. It was like a five-star hotel. Although it cost me 4,000, it would have cost 12,000 in the UK.

I was in for less than 24 hours. I arrived at 8pm, surgery began at 6am and finished at midday. I'd recovered by about 4 or 5pm and said 'I want a mirror' before getting out of there.

I felt uneasy for about two months afterwards, because it was swollen before it settled down. There was no pain, just discomfort and watery eyes.

When I came back to the UK, people said I looked like a freak. But now I walk round with no lines and say to them 'I was the one with the guts to do it.'

Photo reminders

I went to a foreign country without knowing anyone, although by chance I bumped into friends over there who helped me and I don't know how I would have got through it without them.

I had to wear glasses and a cap just to eat in a restaurant, then leave my surgeon and fly back. But what I thought looked freaky he was really pleased with. Before I left , he said to me 'Believe me, your surgery looks amazing.'

The changes are so subtle but they've taken years off me and it's given me a hell of a confidence boost

When I got home, I had to put all my photographs of pre-surgery around my bathroom mirror to remind myself how unhappy I was with that look.

I had dreadful moments looking at myself and saying 'What have I done?' Women and children were looking at me as if I had two heads - I suddenly experienced what it is like for people who strangers stare at. It isn't nice.

I had a follow-up appointment with my surgeon three months later in London and I have Botox every three months.

The changes are so subtle but they've taken years off me and it's given me a hell of a confidence boost, which helps you shine from within.

Biceps implants

Now I'm feeling new, I feel like Hollywood royalty when the doors to the club open. Jackie Stallone, eat your heart out.

I think the UK is heading the same way as the States. I know men who've had biceps implants, chest implants. There's definitely a pressure on men and it's so accessible and easy now. Botox takes 20 minutes and is just a couple of syringes every three months.

In 10 years I can't even see us using the knife, because technology could make surgery old-fashioned.

What else the surgery has done is open up doors and avenues within myself that I had issues with. It made me grow up a bit and put things in perspective about what's important and what isn't.

I'm not saying surgery is important, but it was the best thing for me.

I altered my wrapping paper and it has changed my life around.

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