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Last Updated: Thursday, 18 August 2005, 16:56 GMT 17:56 UK
Quiz of the week's news

It's the Magazine's quiz of the week's news, 7 days 7 questions.

This quiz is published every Friday - but you can find it at any stage of the week on the Magazine index.

Question 1
Who said: "It's unusual I'm not laughing?"
A: Diddy - P Diddy dropped the P to become just Diddy
B: Doddy - Ken Dodd unveiled his new portrait
C: Batty - People living near Summer Wine filming are cross
D: Brenty - Ricky Gervais is signed up for another Extras series
Question 2
The Royal Mint is planning redesigns for the UK's coins, many of which haven't changed in 30 years. The 50p however has been more adventurous, but apart from the regular image of Britannia seated, how many other 50p designs have there been?
A: Five
B: Seven
C: Nine
Question 3
Restaurant prices in London have gone up again what is the average price per head for three courses, a shared bottle of house wine, coffee and a tip?
A: 26.50
B: 35.79
C: 36.82
D: 40.04
Question 4
After another thrilling Ashes Test match, interest in cricket has soared. But - to see how much you actually know - what causes "reverse swing", a bowling technique which has helped England perform?
A: It's to do with the age of the ball
B: It's to do with one side of the ball being rough
C: It's to do with how the bowler holds the ball
D: It's to do with all of the above - and more
Question 5
What would take 450 supermarket bread trolleys, 500 plastic packing crates and 10,000 pieces of packing foam to carry?
A: The Space Shuttle, if it was moved in pieces, rather than intact, back to Florida from California
B: An exhibition of tiny versions of famous artworks
C: The Natural History Museum's 28m- strong insect collection
Question 6
"I'm a victim of silly season flam." Said which headline-grabber?
A: Sienna Miller
B: Big Brother's Anthony
C: Madonna
D: Tony Blair
E: Michael Buerk
Question 7
And finally, the birthday question. Broadcaster John Humphrys shares his birthday with Hollywood legend Robert de Niro.
A: True
B: False

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