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Last Updated: Thursday, 23 December, 2004, 10:35 GMT
Quiz: 52 weeks, 52 questions, part four

Prize question

Here is the answer to the picture question. The link between the pictures is the word "born". Picture one was Kofi Annan, (whose name means "born on a Friday"), the Grundy family from the Archers (Solomon Grundy was born on a Monday), Tom Cruise (starred in Born on the Fourth of July), and Virginia McKenna (Born Free). The winner of the Christmas card from Jeremy Paxman was Mike Lott from Pontypridd. Thanks for all your entries and novel suggestions.

Keep score in your workplace!

This quiz is spread over four days - but with our handy 52 Weeks 52 Questions quiz league table you can compete fully with your workmates. Download the table, pin it up in your office, and see how you compare. The BBC cannot guarantee that your performance in this quiz will be linked to bonuses.


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