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Sweet revenge
The Magazine's Friday Challenge
Should you choose to accept it ...

So men like chocolate more than women, do they? Has the world gone mad? It may be time to restate the gender rules.

A recent survey found that it's men - not women- who are the big consumers of chocolate. Confounding all the stereotypes, it's chaps who are eating it while the gals are getting all healthy with fruit, nuts and vegetables.

It's something of a turn-up for the books. Forget all those chocoholic assumptions. They are now mere chocoholism. But if that tenet of gender stereotypes can crumble so easily, perhaps it's time for a complete reassessment of roles.

For instance, maybe women would actually LIKE to have the remote for a while. Perhaps men would actually ENJOY smelling nice around the office.

Your suggestions follow:

Blokes' mags to feature celeb gossip, new diet plans and posters of kittens.
Charlie, London UK

How about men having trouble reversing and needing to turn the map in their hands to navigate, but this being countered by a man actually stopping to ask directions when lost?
Jon Keen, UK

Women CAN navigate and read a map (without having to turn it upside down and mimic every bend of the road). They just chose not to - partly because they don't want to damage fragile male egos, and partly because it makes journeys more interesting.
Caroline, Berks

My boyfriend spends double what I do on shoes, claims they will last well, then buys more when he fancies a new style. He also doesn't think I do a good job of ironing his shirts so does them himself.
Susan Jones, London, UK

Conversation at a video shop. Wife: "Wow, look! Terminator 3!" Husband: "Oh no, it's nothing but senseless violence!"
Suz, France

t would be nice for girls to have to spend days/weeks/months getting the courage to ask a guy out only to be a) Ignored b) Be 'put down' by a witty/sharp one-liner c) Be told "But I like you as a friend"
Malcolm (now happily married), Warsaw

Maybe women would like to experience the true pain of having a cold and being on their death beds whilst getting no sympathy from their partners.
David M, UK

Women nip into the toilet by themselves and come out 30 seconds later. Men go into the loo as a gaggle and emerge 30 minutes later with a giggle.
Jeff, UK

Men spending a night in with their mates, watching Dirty Dancing and/or Grease for the 500th time, singing along to the words, glass of Chardonnay in hand.
Liz Norris, UK

Blokes go out to meet other blokes and have a beer and a chat. Women go out to get smashed and pull...
James Elliott, UK

Two words: High heels. An hour in heels and we'll have the male of the species surrendering en masse.
Jenn, USA

Your comment about the remote I find slightly inaccurate: coming from a home with a 60:40 female/male demographic I find that the remote is in my hand less than my allotted 20% of the time. That's why it's called a remote control; the chance of me having any control are remote.
Mark, England

Men enjoy long hot baths with lots of bubbles. Maybe they should have the right to enjoy these without other men thinking they're a bit "fruity". Just ask my boyfriend!
Sara George, USA

Maybe men would like to learn how to bake those chocolate cakes they enjoy so much, and women would like to be able to change an oil filter on their car without getting ripped off by a garage?
Phil Easton, Cardiff, UK

As many women actually enjoy watching sport and understand the rules, could men stop assuming we only watch it to admire the physical attributes of the sportsmen? (And why it is that if we are watching women play, the same assumptions don't apply?)
Emma, UK

Women are more footie-daft than men?...How about the time I had to explain The Offside Rule to my husband? And, how many men do you know who can actually name 'The Russian Linesman' of 1966 (or point out he's actually an Azeri...thanks, Beeb sport!)
Candy Spillard, York, UK

Maybe we will see women refusing to set foot in the kitchen, but fighting for the chance to burn food over a barbeque
Ricky, UK

Women being sane. Men understanding them
Jon Hood, UK

About the footie-daft part - I would like to say that the boyfriend and I laid bets with each other on the outcome of various Eurocup matches. After being continually accused of favouring whichever team had the better abs, it is with a certain amount of smugness that I announce he now owes me money.
Sarah, Singapore

Women making convincing sound effects for cars/planes/trains.
Kieran Harrod, UK

Come to think of it, my boyfriend can quote lines from 'Dirty Dancing' too. Bless him.
Susan Jones, London, UK

Women's magazines filled with gorgeous semi-naked women with huge chest measurements and tiny stomach measurements ... oh, wait.
Jon Bright, London UK

Perhaps women would like to earn the same as men for doing the same job? And men can talk about how they feel about it?
Brian Saxby, UK

Men standing above their car engine at the garage and saying to the mechanic "Actually, no. I haven't got a clue where the carburettor is".
Paul Beaumont, UK


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