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Last Updated: Wednesday, 14 July, 2004, 14:22 GMT 15:22 UK
R.I.P. Prize Goldfish in a Bag
PRIZE GOLDFISH IN A BAG has floated up to the fairground in the sky. Their particular game of hoop-la has ended.

The brightly coloured creatures, traditionally given as prizes in plastic bags, will no longer meet whatever watery fate their unsuspecting "owner" might choose for them.

Goldfish in a bag
Happier times
While some would have been cherished and lived for 20 years or more, others undoubtedly perished before they even made it to a tiny underwater castle in a bowl on the sideboard.

Their future is to be sealed by proposed laws forbidding the giving of animals as prizes.

As well as worries about the standard of their care while waiting for their new home and, indeed, once they found it, the government believes winning an animal as a prize is "not thought to be consistent with a responsible approach to becoming an owner".

As one commentator remarked: "[The new owner] may be good at darts or hoop-la, but that does not qualify them as fish-keepers."

In other words, the basic principles of goldfish-owning etiquette, such as cleaning out the bowl and making feeding arrangements for holidays, could be overlooked.

Friends will no doubt have seen an early sign of Prize Goldfish in a Bag's demise in the refusal of many local authorities to grant the necessary licences to fairgrounds. Others will rue the passing, having become aquatic enthusiasts themselves from such a childhood encounter.

They are survived on the prize shelf by Oversized Teddy Bears.

No flowers.

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It's had its chips....
Charlie, UK

And RIP Ruby and Flipper - reluctantly given a luxury home (100 worth of assorted kit) by parents after being won by six year old son at local fun fair. They lasted two months. Anyone want to buy an aquarium?.....
Kate Clark, UK

May cod be with you.
Andrew Culley, Grantham, UK

Just a bad memory
Mike Yeaman, Newcastle upon Tyne

No more carping by protesters.
Neil Franklin, UK

Jason S, Southampton, UK

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