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Quiz: Get your words mixed up?
The editors of the Oxford English Dictionary have warned that people are increasingly using the wrong words, particularly in e-mails and chatrooms. So test yourself on these often-confused soundalikes.

Question 1
My, those dictionary boffins are certainly on to something. Their analysis really strikes a
A: chord
B: cord
Question 2
Imagine how long they must have spent reading what people had written,
A: poring over pages of mistakes
B: pouring over pages of mistakes
Question 3
It must be frustrating for them when they see people disobeying the rules of spelling, refusing to
A: toe the line
B: tow the line
Question 4
Some people do get very worked up about accuracy though. That Lynne Truss, for one, with her book about punctuation. Greengrocers must be terrified when they see her coming, in case they receive her
A: censure
B: censor
Question 5
Some people say bad spelling is a
A: symbol of declining educational standards
B: cymbal of declining educational standards
Question 6
Others believe it's an indication that our civilisation has been
A: raised to the ground
B: razed to the ground
Question 7
But when you are writing quickly in chatrooms or e-mail, mistakes just get
A: waved through
B: waived through
Question 8
Nobody I've ever met in a chatroom has seemed
A: fazed
B: phased
Question 9
I'm pretty careful myself, of course, but one guy I know seems to relish making all sorts of mistakes. Maybe he thinks of himself as a
A: loose canon
B: loose cannon
Question 10
He ought to be careful though. Lots of people, particularly employers, notice these things. He might just find his career becomes somewhat
A: stationary
B: stationery

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