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Caption competition

It's time again for the Magazine caption competition.

What's being said as US Secretary of State Colin Powell performs a rousing rendition of the disco classic YMCA - complete with tool belt and hard hat - at an Asean security meeting?

6. Nathan Truesdale, UK
"No, Colin, when I said we were going to reconstruct Iraq..."

5. Joanne, London
Pop Idol 2005: "Thank you, Paula. And Simon, what did you think? Simon... Simon, are you ok?"

4. Chris Percy, Hull, England
Look, it's Colin Powell singing YMCA. It doesn't get any funnier.

3. Julian Harris, Switzerland
"Happy Birthday, Mr President... Happy birthday tooo yooooo"

2. Michael Brown, Ottawa
Home Depot hardhat. $25
US military-issue hammer: $1,300
Seeing Colin revive disco: priceless

1. Ralph Equy, UK
January 2003: "Look, if we don't find any WMD, I'll dance on stage, dressed as one of the Village People, and sing YMCA."

Previous winners are available on the Magazine index.


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