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10 things we didn't know this time last week
10 toes
10 toes by Zoe Preece

It's easy to lose track of the news. So at the end of the week, it's good to keep an eye on some of those things which shouldn't go unnoticed.

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1. Indonesian TV has more ads than any other nation. Viewers see an average of 852 adverts a week, says media agency Initiative. The US is second, with an average of 817. The UK lags well behind, with 293 ads a week.

2. Paul Bremer, the former US administrator in Iraq, favours desert boots with his suits and ties, and was often seen striding around Baghdad in the comfy if somewhat informal footwear. The New York Times, however, reports that the boots - "his trademark" - and suits always matched.

3. Shrek 2's producers think globally and act locally. Minor voice roles in the animated feature are switched for local audiences. In the UK, the ugly sister-barkeeper is voiced by chat show host Jonathan Ross; US audiences hear Larry King.

4. Hippos once roamed the wilds of Norfolk? According to palaeontologists, who found the remains of the big mammals in a local quarry, they did. And when the hippos lived there, 450,000 years ago, Norfolk probably looked more like an African savannah than an English county.

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5. Prince Charles owns both the Oval cricket ground and Dartmoor Prison. His 463m Duchy of Cornwall estate is made up of residential, commercial and agricultural property, including more than 250 farms. He can't sell off the land, but makes money from investments and rents.

6. Saturn's rings are named in the order in which they were discovered, not for their location. A-Ring is on the outside, and surrounds, in order, B-Ring, C-Ring, and D-Ring. Then, going out from A-Ring is F-Ring and G-Ring. And tucked in the middle is the so-called Encke Gap, which is a small space in A-Ring discovered telescopically by JF Encke in 1838.

7. An American girl aged between three and 11 has, on average, 10 Barbie dolls in her toy box.

8. Mud is money. Enterprising concert-goers are hoping to sell Glastonbury mud on eBay. But with prices ranging up to 450, bids for most lots have yet to reach double figures.

9. A nipple exposure on US television costs $275,000 a second. The two-second glimpse of Janet Jackson's right breast, as seen on Super Bowl 2004's "wardrobe malfunction", will cost CBS $550,000, the highest fine ever slapped on a TV network for indecency.

10. Fence posts in a German town have been hung with soiled adult nappies from a local nursing home in an attempt to keep wild boars away from crops. "It is a rather unorthodox approach, the efficacy of which I'm rather dubious about," a Lower Saxony Forestry Administration spokesperson said.

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