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Last Updated: Wednesday, 20 October, 2004, 16:16 GMT 17:16 UK
R.I.P. The Fat Slags
THE FAT SLAGS have been consigned to the slag heap. Sandra and Tracey, the corpulent, cackling, sex-crazed cartoon stars of Viz comic have been killed off after a controversial movie adaptation.

Typically tottering in white stilettos and shoehorned into clingy low-cut dresses, the thunder-thighed San and Tray were celebrated for their indulgence in life's simple pleasures: namely sex, swearing and chips (with all three frequently relished simultaneously).

Fat Slags
Happier times
Created in 1989, on the cusp of Viz's breakthrough from cult status to mega-sales, the pair would try to browbeat unsuspecting men into carnal relations.

But given the ill-fate that tends to befall Viz characters, they inevitably made do with the amorous clutches of their ever-hapless suitor, Baz.

As students and the chattering classes were won over to Viz, the Fat Slags became the subject of Guardian letters and discussions about sexual politics.

"Tracey and Sandra are a product of the neglected issues in Britain today, and so far from having a rude immature sense of humour, the cartoonist is perhaps being observational," wrote A Level student Rachel Spence in a media studies paper.

With admirers as diverse as the late Alan Clark MP and Joan Armatrading, and detractors such as Jo Brand, who called them "too unsubtle", the Fat Slags became one of Viz's best known comic strips, alongside the likes of Roger Mellie, Johnny Fartpants and Billy the Fish.

Friends may have foreseen their culling when, in 1995 Viz dropped the Fat Slags from its pages after editor Chris Donald declared himself bored with the characters.

It turned out only to be a hiatus. But the cartoon's creator, Graham Dury, has vowed to kill them off after critics recently trashed a live action feature film of the same name, over which Viz had no control.

No flowers.

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Lashes to lashes, bust to bust
Mark Shipley, Leyland, Lancashire, UK

Oh Lordy, Lordy watch out !
Jonathan, London

Cat, London, UK

Rest in (mushy) peas.
David Wakefield, Godalming, Surrey, UK

They've had their chipsEdward Higgins, Plumstead

Hope they go out with a bang.
Liz, Manchester, UK

Six feet underwear.
Jim Hargreaves, Canada

Laid to rest
Turnip, Ireland

Mike's Discount Funerals: "We're gonna need more wood".
Mark Hopkinson, Manchester, UK

My thoughts are with the pall bearers...
Darren, UK

May they rest in pies
Martin Price

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