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101 years in 101 words
Eggheads, wizards, punks and beatniks! Stand by your hot-desks. This is your opportunity to illustrate that dumbing down is a thing of the past.

Punk, Big Apple and dunk (1974, 1928 and 1937 respectively)
Punk, Big Apple and dunk (1974, 1928 and 1937 respectively)
A study of when new words became common during the past century has had some surprising findings, such as the word "celebs" being used in 1913, the word "sex" meaning sexual intercourse being first used in 1929, and "mobile phone" dating from 1945.

Egghead (1907), wizard (1922), punk (1974), beatnik (1958), hot-desking (1991), and dumb down (1933) might also strike you as being whizzo (1905).

To mark this linguistic love-in (1967), we are inviting you to create a story of 150 words maximum using as many of the words from the list below as possible. The subject is up to you, but special recognition will be given to those entries which work as convincing stories in their own right.

Please indicate on your entry your total number of words, and also the number of words from the list you have included. The best will be published here at this URL (1992).

Submit your story using the form at the bottom of the page.

1904 hip 1937 dunk 1971 green
1905 whizzo 1938 cheeseburger 1972 Watergate
1906 teddy bear 1939 Blitzkrieg 1973 F-word
1907 egghead 1940 Molotov cocktail 1974 punk
1908 realpolitik 1941 snafu 1975 detox
1909 tiddly-om-pom-pom 1942 buzz 1976 Trekkie
1910 sacred cow 1943 pissed off 1977 naff all
1911 gene 1944 DNA 1978 trainers
1912 blues 1945 mobile phone 1979 karaoke
1913 celeb 1946 megabucks 1980 power dressing
1914 cheerio 1947 Wonderbra 1981 toyboy
1915 civvy street 1948 cool 1982 hip-hop
1916 U-boat 1949 Big Brother 1983 beatbox
1917 tailspin 1950 brainwashing 1984 double-click
1918 ceasefire 1951 fast food 1985 OK yah
1919 ad-lib 1952 Generation X 1986 mobile
1920 demob 1953 hippy 1987 virtual reality
1921 pop 1954 non-U 1988 gangsta
1922 wizard 1955 boogie 1989 latte
1923 hem-line 1956 sexy 1990 applet
1924 lumpenproletariat 1957 psychedelic 1991 hot-desking
1925 avant garde 1958 beatnik 1992 URL
1926 kitsch 1959 cruise missile 1993 having it large
1927 sudden death 1960 cyborg 1994 Botox
1928 Big Apple 1961 awesome 1995 kitten heels
1929 sex 1962 bossa nova 1996 ghetto fabulous
1930 drive-in 1963 peacenik 1997 dot-commer
1931 Mickey Mouse 1964 byte 1998 text message
1932 bagel 1965 miniskirt 1999 Google
1933 dumb down 1966 acid 2000 bling bling
1934 pesticide 1967 love-in 2001 9/11
1935 racism 1968 It-girl 2002 axis of evil
1936 spliff 1969 microchip 2003 sex up
1970 hypermarket 2004 chav
Source - Larpers and Shroomers: The language report


Submit your story using the form below.

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Some of your stories so far.

It was in Trekkie detox that I first heard the F-word. Some egghead wizard who'd been pissed off since the Blitzkrieg was caught in an acid tailspin. He was doing beatbox karaoke to bossa nova punk, dressed in trainers and a Wonderbra. It would have been avant garde but this Botox beatnik, with his bling-bling and gangsta kitsch, looked like a Big Apple cyborg. He wanted a love-in with the It-girl, he wanted to sex-up a microchip. How do you dumb down Generation X? Some hippy ceasefire? Smoke the DNA spliff and say "Cheerio!" to the cheeseburger blues? Get hip to the green genes: Watergate was ad-lib brainwashing, toyboy powerdressing. From the fast-food to the non-U bagel, it's an axis of evil that thrives on sex. Anyways, it's all in my text message; you can read it later.
Graham Cranfield, Richmond, Virginia, US (138 words, 50 from the list)

Conrad: Sonya, you look whizzo, awesome! Sexy and cool. You've not changed a bit. What's your secret?
Sonya: Very flattering, Conrad. It must be my Wonderbra, Botox facelift, kitten heels, and power dressing. But I have changed: remember, I used to be a punk, a beatnik, avant garde. We were both hippy peaceniks, into acid, I wore miniskirts. We mixed with some non-U naff lumpenproletariat types. Now you're a celeb, two mobiles, making megabucks, into power dressing, an egghead. You're always on the box talking about Big Brother, Watergate and 9/11.
Conrad: Sonya, you think I'm having it large, but I'm pissed off, what a snafu today. Let's dunk a bagel in a latte.
Sonya: After the hypermarket let's meet at that drive-in fast food place. But don't get the wrong idea: a cheeseburger, then home, or my new toy-boy will kill you.
Conrad: Sonya, that's wizard!
Sonya: Cheerio!

Aviva Perlmutter, Jerusalem, Israel (150 words, 38 from the list)

Whizzo sat sipping a latte and eating his bagel, wishing he'd instead ordered a fastfood cheeseburger. This egg-head trekkie was hot-desking today at his company Generation-X - he was a dot-commer. Whizzo was into power-dressing but had naff-all style due his love of cool trainers. He was pissed-off due to waiting for a text message on his mobile from Kitten Heels, a sexy it-girl with a love for mini-skirts and Wonderbras. They were due to be having it large that evening at a hip karaoke bar called Boogie. That place had such a buzz and was always full of celebs on acid or smoking a spliff. Suddenly Whizzo's mobile phone rang. It was his lady. Refraining from using the F-word he asked where she'd been. "Detox" she said, that club where all the chavs hang out, dressed in their bling bling. "Sounds awesome, meet you there in 10" he said.
Chris Lloyd, Ipswich, UK (150 words, 36 from list)


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