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The Lunchtime Bonus Question
Welcome to the Lunchtime Bonus Question.

The rules are simple. Every day at 1030 BST - except Bank Holidays, sorry - we give you an answer. You then tell us what the question was.

Marks are deducted for predictability, and a selection of your most wrong questions are published each day until about 1500 BST when the actual question is revealed.

The winner of this week's Lunchtime Achievement Award is Nick Nevin, for his disgracefully wrong question on Tuesday. In accepting his luxury keyring, he said: "'Lunchtime Achievement Award'? Now there's a metaphor. (I'm not a week behind, am I?)"


Friday's answer is "AN EDIBLE TOY"

Entries are now closed. Wrong questions include:

Name one cause of obesity in children.
Simon, Birmingham, UK

My Little Pastrami?
Andrew Culley, Grantham

Poodles in Thailand?
Clare Falconer, Llandough

New addition to the adult version of Cluedo?
Stuart Collins, Aberdeen

Chocolate money is for Christmas not for life?
Chris Ford, Bristol, UK thelbq.co.uk

Dairy XBox?
Howard Vaughan, Edinburgh

Chuck another shrimp on the Barbie?
Alison Enticknap, Hitchin

Alternative use for an urban chicken?
Nik, Cambridge

What wouldn't make any difference to dogs?
Mark Shipley, Leyland, Lancashire, UK

Buzz Bitehere?
Helene Parry, South Wales ex-pat to Twickenham

What's a pensioner to make of Dairmuid's Chelsea lollipops?
Nik, Cambridge

A doll eat doll world?
Kashif, Manchester

A Snack in the Box?
Jon Keen, Sandhurst

The Royal dogs' view of the servants!
Chloe, Leeds

What did the young Hannibal Lecter regard his kitten as?
Richard Peers, Croydon

Nick Nevin, London, UK

What other names did Gwyneth Paltrow contemplate?
Stephen Buxton, Coventry, UK

My delectable younger man?
Anna Lacey, Kettering

Hell's Kitchen - The Board Game?
Rob, Broughton Astley

What does John-Paul Sartre conclude a lego apple is?
Andrew Culley, Grantham

What would you like to be reicarnated as?
Anna Nkedive, Madrid, Spain

Lego or breast?
Phil Welch, London

All wrong. The correct question was what is Kellogg's Fruit Winder, an "edible toy" that won a Tooth Rot award in 2002.


Thursday's answer is "THE THOUGHTS OF MR BUMBLE"

Entries are now closed. Wrong questions included:

The minds of boffins are like ....?
Dave Godfrey, Swindon

The complete works of Boris Johnson?
Rich, Malvern

Who put that window there?
Stewart, Dunfermline

A gruelling read.
Jerry, Ashbourne, Derbyshire

I'm looking over a four-leaf clover, that I overlooked before?
Candace, New Jersey, US

Jackanory with David Lloyd?
Graham Campbell, Edinburgh

Check or stripe? Plain or pattern? Yellow or Black?? Yellow with black!! Suits me!
Dave K, Epsom, Surrey

"Kids, I shrunk the honey!"
Si Griffin, London & thelbq.co.uk

Other than a newspaper, what else goes through the mind of a bee?
Stephen Buxton, Coventry, UK

So whats with this icing sugar?
Tracy, Chessington

Food, glorious food for thought?
Chris Jones, Ryton, Tyne and Wear

Matthew 5:3-11
Charles Frean, Bedford, Massachusetts

A little red book for the workers?
Steve Reszetniak, Enfield

Sting's memoirs?
Gerry T, Faringdon, England

What's he droning on about now?
Mark Gledhill, Northampton

What might this be? "[Bang] ouch ... [Bend] excuse me ... [Biff] sorry ... [Botch] my mistake ... [Bungle] ooops! ..."
Paul, Over, Cambridge

What is nothing but a collection of buzzwords?
Neil Creamer, Birmingham

I wonder if I ought to get a nectar card?
C Falconer, Llandough, Wales

Asides from the Apiary?
Si Griffin, London

As well as his face, what did the transplant recipient get?
Simon W, London

How can I best describe my PhD in Apiarine Neurobiology at parties?
Mike Yeaman, Newcastle upon Tyne

Float like a butterfly, sting like Muhammad Ali?
Nick Eaton, City of London

What the Dickens is that buzzing noise?
Sarah, Maidstone

What's the title of George Bush's autobiography?
Chris Ford, Bristol, UK

To be a bee or not to be a bee...
Jeff, UK

What would Mrs Bee give a penny for?
Madge, Dundee

Send your question using the form below:

All wrong. The correct question was what did District Judge John Willard tell members of a hunt who lost a noise abatement court case they should console themselves with. Dickens' Mr Bumble said the law was an ass.


Wednesday's answer is "FINGER DIPLOMACY"

Entries are now closed. Wrong questions included:

How do you stop a thumb war?
Jason, Nottingham

I can see your point, but.... ?
Jason S, Southampton, UK

Near the knuckle argument?
Chris Spencer, Wimbledon

Brian Ritchie, Oxford, UK

Talk to the hand?
Simon W, London

Why it is tactful not to lick your fingers in front of your chickens?
Simon, Birmingham, UK

Digital communications?
Mark Gledhill, Northampton

First rule of thumb: Always nail another country. What is this better known as?
Andrew Culley, Grantham

No double dipping is an example of?
Franki Campbell, Cupar Scotland

What is Annie McGuiness definitely not exhibiting in her LBQ Roll of Shame photo?
Mike Yeaman, Newcastle upon Tyne

What do you call the art of talking politics when you have your trigger finger on still on the button?
Mike, UK

Pushing the escape key is better known as what?
Rob, London

"But Miss Boleyn is amazing on the harpsichord your majesty" ?
Kieran Boyle, Oxford

Buffet Cordiale?
C Falconer, London

Reading the Riot Act?
Alan, Derby

John C, Oldham

Talking point?
Phil Greatorex, Gloucester

What stopped the arms race?
Martin, Leeds

Dear LBQ team, it was nearly midday here before today's question appeared, which as you can imagine has caused an enormous amount of unnecessary stress. Rather than phone with a tirade of abuse for this shambolic performance I have decided to type this polite complaint instead, which could of course therefore be considered an example of _ _
Phil, Nimes

What's the usual reaction of a cyclist being cut up by a monster 4x4?
Dougie Lawson, Basingstoke, UK

How is a puppet government elected?
Chris Ford, Bristol, UK thelbq.co.uk

The recall message option on an e-mail?
Cathryn, Guildford

Why did this little piggy have roast beef, but this little piggy have none?
John Henry, London

What's Fingermouse doing now?
Duncan P, London, UK

Where two make the difference between peace and war?
Candace, New Jersey, US

What to try before resorting to the strong arm of the law?
Duncan P, London, UK

How do you show displeasure to the Ambassador when he does not provide those particular chocolates?
Chris Ford, Bristol, UK thelbq.co.uk

Subbuteo agents?
Paul, Over, Cambridge

How does the Foreign Office describe snap decisions?
Philip Whitehead, Abingdon

How to divide 5 canapes between three people?
Peter Greenhill, London

How could Harvey Smith's communication skills be described ?
Chris, Newbury

Pointed remarks at the UN?
Kip, Norwich

Politically correct texting?
Peter Greenhill, London

All wrong. The correct question was how has China's lending of one of Buddha's finger bones to Hong Kong been described, following panda and ping-pong diplomacy.


Tuesday's answer is "UNIFORMLY CLEANER"

Entries are now closed. Wrong answers include:

Doctors' white coats are thought of as...
Candy Spillard, York, UK

What are mothers now buying to get rid of those unwanted stains on kids schoolwear?
Bobby, London

Ariel attack ?
Jason S, Southampton, UK

I'm organising my life the Downing Street way. My weekly diary is still a mess but my teeth are.....
Helene Parry, South Wales ex-pat to Twickenham

What do you get if you clone a road sweeper?
Chris Howe, Shefford, Beds. England

Why are subbuteo streakers not selling in Antarctica?
Brian Ritchie, Oxford, UK

What is the opposite of randomly dirty?
Keith Rogers, Purcellville

Non-biological weapons?
John C, Oldham

How is that Swampy fella these days?
John Douglas, Newcastle

After my friend told Lynn Cleaner a secret, I hastily asked him (via text) to 'uninform' her. However, due to the temperamental '6' button on my mobile, how did this text arrive?
Nick Nevin, London, UK

Officer's mess, no wait?
John C, Oldham

Candace's influence on the LBQ; shorter, smarter, and....
Dave Dee, Mozambique

When Aggie met Jonesey?
Helene Parry, South Wales ex-pat to Twickenham

How do Chelsea tractors compare with rural ones?
Dave, Plymouth

Alex Evans, Manchester

What don't the squeegee monkeys at traffic lights understand windscreens should be afterwards?
Tim G, London, UK

How can you tell a fake photo of abuse of Iraqi prisoners from a real one?
Patrick Rushton, Sheffield

What are the benefits of immaculate conception?
Tim Badger, Birmingham

Male chauvinist seeks nurse/ policewoman for company, or perhaps more...Who replies?
Evan, UK

What are the hidden benefits of unrolling your socks before washing them?
Catherine O, Maidenhead

We're all disappointed to see that Channel 5's programmes are now what?
Ellie, London

Armed service wash?
Seán Galvin, London

Why should all Doctors' ties be incinerated?
Alex Evans, Manchester

How would you describe the jokes at a Salvation Army stand-up comedy night?
Mike Yeaman, Newcastle upon Tyne

The sequel to Universal Solider that even Jean-Claude Van Damme turned down?
Andrew Culley, Grantham

Och! Cap'n Mainwaring, we're groomed, we're all groomed!
Kip, Norwich

British whitewashes, as compared to American ones?
Franchesca, Belfast

An officer and a gentleman?
Suz, Grenoble

How does Leslie Phillip's opinion of Keira Knightley compare with his views on Kylie?
Nik, Cambridge

My kitchen used to be patchily clean. What is it now that my scrubbing skills have evolved to another level?
Nik, Cambridge

What did Stanley Unwin ask the Laundrette to do when he was in the Army?
Richard Carpenter, Camberley

After washing one's overalls?
David, UK

How do you know when you've had a visit from the housewives mafia?
Nick Hill, Dolgellau, Wales

Today's responses to the LBQ are......?
Samantha , Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire

Sinead OConnor briefs her stylist?
Candace, New Jersey, US

All wrong. The correct answer is what did Michelangelo's David look like after a wash.



Entries are now closed. Wrong questions included:

Level 43?
Steve, Hemel

Like, you know, language - do you know what I'm saying?
Charles Frean, Bedford, Massachusetts

Which came first, the chicken or the Eglu?
Stephen Buxton, Coventry, UK

Whatever happened to CSE woodwork?
Kieran Boyle, Oxford

Unknown to the scientists back home, Beagle has encountered a large black rectangular object and...
Duncan MacIver, Aberdeen, UK

Urban hens? What's next? Commuting cattle? City sheep? I tell you this farming lark...
Mark Moynihan, London

How did chicken tikka masala become Britain's most successful metaphor?
Tim Badger, Birmingham

What ever happened to that group Another Level?
Richard Carpenter, Camberley

Chris Ford's dedication to the LBQ?
Kirsten, Bristol

What's happened to Creationism?
Dave Williams, Prudhoe, UK

The product of a union between Si Griffin and Candace?
Chris Ford, Bristol, UK thelbq.co.uk

Describe Michael Moore's ego after winning the Palme d'or?
Mark Gledhill, Northampton

What does Frank Skinner's "Shane" illustrate about ITV's proud tradition of unfunny sitcoms?
Helene Parry, South Wales ex-pat to Twickenham

Survival of the 'ittest?
Seán Galvin, London

"Why do forks have four prongs, and spoons have none?"
Hayley , Chadlington

"Where'd you park the car, darling?"
Malcolm Owen, Carmarthenshire

Norwegian blue deceased ? Certainly not, ....
Jim, Marlow

The Teatime Bonus Question?
Mark Shipley, Leyland, Lancashire, UK

What's the difference between The Beagle and Beagle 2?
Robin Hughes, Cheadle, UK

Does my bum look big in this? No darling.....
Sarah, Swindon

Keira Knightley is a "HIM"!!!??
Kip, Norwich

What was I told at my last job interview when I said I was good at telexing?
Mike Yeaman, Newcastle upon Tyne

Headline in five years time: the London Chicken compared to its farmyard equivalent?
Jane, Newcastle upon Tyne

What effect has South-West Trains' performance had on the British habit of moaning?
Helene Parry, South Wales ex-pat to Twickenham

The organic elevator is the latest biotechnology inovation - how does it work?
Peter Jones, Hull, UK

Summarise the current position of Darwinian theory
Caroline, Berks

It's life, Jim but not as we know it.
Chris Whittle, London

Google with an ethics committee?
David, UK

When the DIY workshop requires fifteen lathes?
Candace, New Jersey, US

Whatever became of the Sasser worm?
Bill, Portland, Oregon US

Remember that cup of tea I mislaid a few weeks ago?
Catherine O, Maidenhead

Well I just chopped up the boss on level 1, but before I could finish it, it vanishes?
David, UK

Why have linguists announced Prescotti, the new official English variant of John Prescott?
Geoff Spick, Bournemouth, UK

All wrong. The correct question was what was one teenage fan's verdict of the new Harry Potter movie.


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