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Last Updated: Sunday, 16 May, 2004, 02:15 GMT 03:15 UK
Underworld rich list
This is a rich list with a difference, a roll call of the UK's wealthiest criminals, among them drug barons, people smugglers and fraudsters.

Crime does pay - for some. The richest villains in the UK are worth hundreds of millions of pounds, with the number one fraudster said to be as rich as the Queen.

The BBC has delved into the criminal underworld to discover the elite of British crime to produce the Underworld Rich List (see below).

The resulting three-part series of the same name follows the fortunes of these villans, among them Mickey Green, a London armed robber-turned-drug trafficker; Curtis Warren, a Toxteth street dealer who's made it big; and professional gambler Brian Wright, who is now a fugitive cocaine baron.

Who? Business? Worth?
1. Brian Brendan Wright Drug trafficking 100+m
2. Michael Tyrrell Drug trafficking 100m
3. Curtis Warren Drug trafficking 80+m
4. Mickey Green Drug trafficking 75m
5. A Liverpool godfather* Drug trafficking 55m
6. A London crime family* Drug trafficking 50m
7. David Huck Drug trafficking 30m
8. Brian Charrington Drug trafficking 20+m
9. Walter Douglas Drug trafficking 20m
10. Thomas McGraw Drug trafficking 14m
* denotes can't be named for legal reasons

Who? Business Worth?
1. John Palmer Timeshare fraud 300m
2. Sheridan Leslie Cox Boiler room fraud 280m
3. A Scottish-based team* VAT fraud 30m
4. A playboy businessman* VAT fraud 15+m
5. An entrepreneur* Pension fund fraud 15m
6. A swindler now on the run* Accounting fraud 11.85m
7. Monmoham Singh Sandhu VAT fraud 6+m
8. A criminal hard-liner from Kent* VAT fraud 6m
9. David Withers VAT fraud 2.5m
10. Azil Nadir Fraud 2m
* denotes can't be named for legal reasons

Who? Business? Worth?
1. Tom 'Slab' Murphy Cigarette and oil smuggling 35-40m
2. The Deo Gang People smuggling 37m
3. Martin Potter Drugs, cigarette and arms smuggling 25m
4. A London villain* Alcohol and cigarette smuggling 17.3m
5. The Daniels family Cigarette and drug smuggling 16m
6. Frederick Roberts Cigarette smuggling 8+m
7. James Nisbet Cigarette smuggling 7m
8. An Essex crook* Cigarette smuggling 6m
9. An Irish paramilitary* Alcohol and fuel smuggling 4-5m
10. Kashmir Singh Nanan People smuggling 4m
* denotes can't be named for legal reasons

Underworld Rich List will be broadcast in the UK on BBC Three at 2100 BST on Monday 17 May.


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