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Last Updated: Wednesday, 29 September, 2004, 09:21 GMT 10:21 UK
R.I.P. King-size chocolate bars
THE KING-SIZE CHOCOLATE BAR has been unceremoniously de-throned, giving way to its leaner, more PC (proportionally-correct) stable-mates in the confectionery world.

Like many others carrying some excess weight, King-Size Chocolate Bar has succumbed to pressure from health experts to cut down on the fat.

King-Size Mars bar
Happier times
For some years it had been happy with its portliness, offering that bit extra to those in need of something more than the standard size can deliver, not to mention its diminutive Fun Size sibling.

However, health watchdogs felt its bumptiousness was seducing the weak-willed into eating more than they actually wanted.

Friends may have foreseen its fate when a recent government report showed a King- Size Snickers bar had more calories than a meal of sirloin steak, potatoes and broccoli.

It nevertheless tried to remain defiant in the face of criticism, putting the nation's rapidly expanding girth down to a lack of willpower rather than its own plump proportions.

But it finally fell victim to those pushing a healthier agenda and its downsizing is a goodwill gesture on behalf of the chocolate manufacturers - Nestle excepted - who are trying to show they have customer health at heart.

The big bars have been given a stay of execution until next year by Cadbury and Masterfoods - makers of Mars and Snickers - who will then expect them to get into shape with the rest of the confectionery industry.

No flowers.

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The King is dead, long live the thin...
Lee, New York City,

So long (or not as the case may be)
Glenn J, UK

Fairwell. We'll (work, rest and) pray for you.
Ed, UK

Remembered with great confection
Jason S, UK

Alas, I chew them well...
Andrew Culley, Grantham, UK

There was a large chocolate call Snickers,
Who's been taken from chocolate lickers,
In an effort to be healthy,
Mars won't be as wealthy,
But at least I shall fit in my knickers
Louise W, London, England

Work, play and rest in peace.
Howard. M, Finland

Ray Robbins, UK

Alas, poor Yorkie, I knew it well...
Sarah, UK

Chocs away...
Stuart Peek, UK

A minute on our lips, a lifetime on our hips, and always in our heart.
Rebecca, england

Goodbye! (The King sighs)
Steve Hatchard, Portsmouth, UK

Gnawn but not forgotten
Gordon Glover, England

I propose we build a Marsoleum.
Philip Kahn, Canada

Thanks for the calories...
Mike Pendry, Wales

King Size Choco-late
Ian Grainger, Bucks

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