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Help us write a story in clichés
The most irritating phrase in the English language is "at the end of the day", according to a survey.

The Plain English Campaign said its 5,000 members also expressed their horror at terms including "at this moment in time", "to be perfectly honest" and "24/7".

But, say what you like, the bottom line is that the British love a cliché.

In honour of this fact, Magazine readers helped write a cliché-ridden story - one sentence at a time - which was updated throughout the day.

Here's how they followed on from our opening line. Thanks to all those who took part.

Giles flew in on the red eye from the Big Apple, knowing he was caught between a rock and a hard place.

He'd been drinking like a fish the night before; still, in for a penny...
Drew Jagger, UK

..in for a pound, so he thought he'd better wet his whistle.
Dave Brannon, England

He left the airport to find it was raining cats and dogs. Unimpressed he spotted a well-known pub chain - not his favourite, but "better the devil you know" he thought.
Lucy Feather, England

The Aussie barmaid didn't beat about the bush. "You look dog-tired, mate. Been burning the candle at both ends?"
Madmarce, UK

"Is the Pope Catholic? Basically I've been working 24/7", Giles said. "Well there is no rest for the wicked," replied the barmaid. A high-flying salesman entered the bar.
Mike Taylor, UK

He paused by the entrance, speaking into his mobile phone: "Have your people call my people and they'll get it together. Gotta run now, cheers." Flipping his phone shut he looked at Giles and smiled.
Andy Tickner, UK

Well, look what the cat's dragged in, thought Giles.
Claudia, UK

"Long time, no see," smirked Roger. "How's life in the slow lane?"
Peter Snow, UK

"Well, at this moment in time, to be perfectly honest..." Giles is cut short as his mobile phone rings. He flipped it open. "Yes, that should be okay, just make sure we are all singing from the same hymn sheet!" "Who was that?" asked Roger.
Linda, UK

"The old ball and chain," Giles replied, rushing out of the bar. "Needless to say, I've got to get home PDQ, or there's trouble in store."
Alan Barford, UK

When Giles got home his wife was fuming. "I wish you'd touch base more often," she complained. "What I gain with you on the swings I lose on the roundabouts and I don't want anymore of it."
Adam Hewitt, UK

She stood before him, eyes blazing. "Listen up, buddy, you're way out of line, quite frankly, and you're dead meat. I've met someone who really rings my chimes. Know what I mean? And he's no stranger to love." The doorbell rang.
Kerry Dignan, UK

"And here he is now. C'est la vie, basically we're on a learning curve, so this is the end of the line."
Marion Samson, UK

"I hear what you're saying," Giles shot back as he marched into the hallway, "but the bottom line is you've never been one to think outside the box." He opened the door. It was Roger. Well, Giles thought, knitting his brows, it wasn't rocket science.
Margaret Storey, UK

He let Roger into the house. "I see you know about us," Roger said. "Cheer up, it's not the end of the world. It's better to have loved and lost, than never to have loved at all."
Simon Corkhill, UK

"Oh and I suppose you will tell me next that there are plenty more fish in the sea," yelled Giles.
Victoria Chambers, UK

"Now don't blow your top!" said Roger. "Just keep your chin up and I'm sure we can make this all work out fine in the end."
Roddy Fraser, UK

"Besides, you've still got your health and you're too young to be tied down. Lets say, me and you go and paint the town red?" laughed jolly Roger.
Graham West, UK

"Even if I keep a stiff upper-lip I shall be crying on the inside," said Giles. "But I suppose the show must go on."
Pamela, Twycross-Kent, USA

And so Roger and Giles skipped off into the sunset...
Andy Nathan, England



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