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10 things we didn't know this time last week
Children on Lombok
10 children in Lombok - by Jonathan Wilson

It's easy to lose track of the news. So at the end of the week, it's good to keep an eye on some of those things which shouldn't go unnoticed.

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1. A horse racing at Cheltenham was named Azertyuiop, for the top row of letters on a French typewriter. In the UK, the keys spell qwertyuiop.

2. Presidential hopeful Al Sharpton was once road manager for the Godfather of Soul, James Brown.

3. Spam is so popular in the Philippines that the owner of Spamjam, a restaurant where every dish features the tinned meat, is planning to open two more branches.

4. X-Files star Gillian Anderson says she's never been a sci-fi fan - bar Close Encounters of the Third Kind and hiding from Daleks behind the sofa as a child (thanks to BBC Radio 4's Midweek).

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5. During the past 20 years, 71% of British butterfly species have declined, as have 54% of native bird species.

6. Care workers are the happiest employees in the UK, with four out of 10 enjoying their jobs. Estate agents are least content, with one in 25 content in their work.

7. One in four 16- and 17-year-old girls in the UK is on the contraceptive pill - more than ever before.

8. The shamrock - a favourite symbol on St Patrick's Day - may not be a type of clover after all.

9. Matt Groening's father - the inspiration for Homer Simpson - has only complained once about his alter-ego's actions. It was an episode in which Homer badgered Marge into walking some considerable distance on a hot day to fetch him something.

10. People who chat online have just seven topics of conversation - popular culture, solidarity, food, relationships, money, social activity and banter.

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