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Quiz: Little Britains
Gibraltar is celebrating 300 years under British rule, provoking protests from the Spanish. It is one of the few remaining British overseas territories. Just how much do you know about them?

There was a time that the UK controlled some two-fifths of the Earth's dry surface and ruled a population of about 500 million people.

For a long time, the empire was a source of great pride to Britons. Today it provokes much more ambivalent feelings, with many considering it a shameful period in the UK's history.

Little remains of the overseas territories and few have a particularly high profile. So what's out there? Test yourself.

Question 1
So, who won't you be bumping into in one of the British overseas territories? (Zoos don't count)
A: Polar bears
B: Apes
C: Penguins
D: Sharks
Question 2
How many overseas territories does the UK have nowadays?
A: 44
B: 34
C: 24
D: 14
Question 3
Gibraltar is celebrating 300 years under British rule. But how did it get its name?
A: It is based on "Jebel Tariq", Tariq's Mountain, after an 8th Century Moorish invader
B: In the 18th Century enemy sailing ships were often stopped at the rock - which became known as Jib (sail) Halter
C: One of the rock's first apes was called Gibraltar and he duly passed his name on to the territory
Question 4
Tradition says the British will only leave the Rock of Gibraltar when its apes go. Which of the following monkey facts is true?
A: Overfeeding by tourists threatened their survival in the 1960s
B: Winston Churchill ordered their numbers to be increased during WWII
C: Concern that gay apes might lead to them dying out was discussed by officials
D: All of the above
Question 5
In September 2003 Emily Christian made history on Pitcairn Island. How?
A: She became the first islander to live to 100 years
B: Emily was the first person to use the internet on the isolated island
C: She was the first baby to be born there for 17 years
Question 6
Since 1995 the population of Montserrat has fallen from about 11,000 to 4,000. What’s going on?
A: Violent volcanic eruptions have made large areas of the island unsafe
B: Global warming has led to large areas of the island being permanently flooded
C: Neighbouring Guadeloupe threatened to invade, forcing residents to flee
Question 7
What do Tortola, Jost Van Dyke and Anegada have in common?
A: They have all topped the Turks and Caicos pop charts in recent months
B: Each led their country to independence from the British
C: They are islands in the British Virgin Islands
Question 8
The British Empire took shape from the 17th Century and by the early 20th Century the UK ruled huge swathes of the Earth. Of those few territories remaining, which is the oldest?
A: Bermuda
B: The Falklands
C: The British Antarctic
D: The British Virgin Islands
Question 9
In 1789, Lieutenant Fletcher Christian famously led a mutiny against Captain William Bligh aboard HMS Bounty. Where did he settle?
A: Pitcairn Island
B: Ascension Island
C: Montserrat
D: Cyprus
Question 10
The remaining British territories aren't exactly full of people. Rank the following, most populous first.
A: Bermuda, Gibraltar, the Falkland Islands, Pitcairn Island
B: Pitcairn, Falklands, Bermuda, Gibraltar
C: Falklands, Gibraltar, Pitcairn, Bermuda
D: Gibraltar, Bermuda, Falklands, Pitcairn

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