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The Lunchtime Bonus Question
Welcome to the Lunchtime Bonus Question.

The rules are simple. Every day at 1030 GMT we give you an answer. You then tell us what the question was.

Marks are deducted for predictability, and a selection of your most wrong questions are published each day until about 1500 GMT when the actual question is revealed.

The winner of this week's Lunchtime Achievement Award is Becky Sinclair of London for her ineptly wrong question on Wednesday. In accepting the prize luxury keyring, she said: "Apologies if I appear over-impressed - it's because I had just got married."


Friday's answer is "FAKE LATIN"

Entries are now closed. Wrong questions included:

Before mock tudor?
Jon G, London

Theoretical Physics is one thing, and Abstract Philisophy another, but what is going too far?
Tim G, London, UK

Caesar ad sum iam forte, Brutus ad erat. Caesar sic in omnibus. Brutus sic in hat.
Chris, Wales

Real Madrid tribute team?
Anna, Hertfordshire

Per ardua ad pubblicazione - LBQ.
Sarah Bowyer, Reading, UK

Confuse machine generated smutty text messages by replying in ......
Kevin Miller, Warrington, UK

Sius Griffinus? (post scriptum apologia for biggus remarkus)
Gary Feldman, London, UK

How do you communicate with a bogus lawyer?
Ray Miller, Swindon

What is not de facto?
Robin Hughes, Cheadle, UK

Summarise the following: "I can't speak ancient languages, I just ad-lib"
Stevie B, Coventry, UK

"Stuffem, tankem, 'ammeram"?!
Nick Nevin, London, UK

Is that a porn text message?
Robin Hughes, Cheadle, UK

Realising that he made a mistake, what does Dan Quayle now believe they speak in Latin America?
Ade, London

What's this then? "Romanes Eunt Domus"? People called Romanes, they go the house?
Pete Clark, Linslade, UK

Indiana Jones is disappointed to discover the ancient Roman satellite dish
Andrew Culley, Grantham

What's marginally more entertaining than learning actual Latin?
Gary Feldman, London, UK

A fine talk confused?
Mark Shipley, Leyland, Lancashire

Where do Spoonerists go fishing?
Al Birthday Boy Newell, Bournemouth

I told the 118 operator I wanted a number in Fakenham and got what?
Dave K, Epsom, London

Very puer.
Alex, Nottingham

What do fake Italian waiters speak?
Geoff Spick, Bournemouth, UK

A Michaelangelo with blobs on the picture?
Alex, Manchester

What is being taught on the "learn fake Latin" course at my local college?
Claire, Southampton

When in Rome.....
Howard Vaughan, Edinburgh

J'etais dans la solarium? Non, J'ai ____ __ ___!
Mark Williamson, Dunfermline

Veni Vidi Vorgery?
Alex, Manchester

Peter Andre?
Mike, Cardiff

What's the cause of counterfeit mottos?
Ibbi, Portsmouth

Neil, Birmingham

If you can´t impress the University Entrance Board with your School French or German, then ...
Stuart, Norden, Germany

Why do people always spell my name wrong?
Fay Clattin, Roma, Italia

Lunchtimius Bonusius Questionius?
Peter Niven, Inverness

At first glance it looks ok but it's not as hard- wearing.
Vicky, East London

Quid est falsus lingua Romani?
Adrian H, Southampton

Mia Kulpa?
Robin, Herts

What is an Italian Chocolate bar called..No wait
Jayne Suttle, Swanage

All wrong. The correct question was how has Jarvis's partial rebranding to Engenda been described by a linguistics expert.


Thursday's answer is "BLOBS IN THE PICTURE"

Entries have now closed. Wrong answers included:

Air Traffic Control For Dummies - Q1) What should a good controller always be aware of?
Steve, Liverpool

How do you identify the lava lamp in the lighting catalogue?
Beth, Notts

Using a match to see Mona Lisa's smile creates what?
Sarah, Thetford

Embryos on ultrasound?
Alex, Manchester

WI Calendar 2004
John Curley, Oldham

What's that Beagle 2? Life on Mars?
Adam Ficken, London

The Illustrated Atkins Diet?
John Whapshott, Guildford

Try to squeeze more than 21 people into the Screen Room in Nottingham and what happens to the film?
Graham Brown, mostly Oxfordshire

Cataracts - discuss.
Robert Henson, Nottingham

Has Mr Blobby been made aware of the situation?
Gerard, Dublin

And what's your opinion, Agent Scully?
Suz, Paris

The best sci-fi B-movies always had what?
David Lawrence, Bern, Switzerland

What did the online translation service come up with when asked to translate "blots on the landscape" into Swahili and back again?
Hilary, Brighton

Mr Bush, if you concentrate, a picture of a sailboat appears ....
Iain Bowie, London

The fact that Simon thinks it is JS Lowry rather than LS Lowry can be attributed to what?
Dan, London

The new name for the JS Lowry appreciation society?
Simon, Yarm

The annoying thing about thumbs in photography is ...
Annie, UK

Fewer pixels in the camera; more ....
Howard, Helsinki

A typo in the Janet Jackson press release?
Stuart, Norden, Germany

Hubble's diminishing usefulness?
Chris, Bracknell, UK

That's a great aerial picture of Iraq, Mr President. Are those WMDs or just ...
Ian Watson, Sandy, UK

Why shouldn't I photograph seagulls flying overhead?
Geoffrey Scott-Baker, Reading

Mr Ofili, what's the elephant dung for?
Ben, UK

One of the hazards of losing a contact lens?
Candace, New Jersey, US

A philistine's reaction to impressionism?
Peter Niven, Inverness

Video phones - discuss.
Andy Donaldson, London

Can you see what it is yet?
Iain Bowie, London

How can you tell that you are watching CBeebies?
Jeff, UK

Send your question using the form below:

All wrong. The correct answer was what's the result if you shake or wave a Polaroid photo?



Entries are now closed. Wrong questions included:

For their 2004 re-launch, how have Hinge and Bracket re-branded themselves?
Neil, Birmingham

What is our reaction to not getting a question put up on the Lunchtime Bonus Question website yet again?
David & Mark, Last-ditch-effortsville

John Lydon's cover of "These are a few of my favourite things".
Alex, Manchester

What is the penalty for church bingo false alarms?
Candace, New Jersey, US

If God gave us more knuckles, what could we get tattooed on each hand?

What would cynics dismiss as "political exaggeration of a mere interaction between Prescott and a carton of eggs, exploiting our primitive urge to react and defend?"
Helena, Epsom

I can remember Skeletor, but what were the names of He-Man's other enemies?
Graham Campbell, Edinburgh

What can be deployed in under 45 minutes?
Laurie, Alcester

What follows 'verbal warning', 'written warning' and 'final written warning'?
Laurie, Alcester

What do you get when you bath a cat?
Mel, Barnsley

At last! An effective way to deal with spammers.
Ray Gray, London

Another day at Ryanair's check-in desks.
Paul, UK

Miss Scarlet in the Conservatory, with what?
Laurie, Alcester

What is my reaction when my question appears on the LBQ page above someone else's name?
Robin Hughes, Cheadle, UK

What could be used as an indicator that the tobacco ad ban HAS worked....?
Debbie, London

Ezekiel 25:17: And I will strike down with ________ those who attempt to poison and destroy my brothers...
Gary Feldman, London, UK

What is a more satisfying alternative to plain old cynicism?
Leanie Kaleido, Tonbridge, UK

What's the difference between a thinker and a doer?
Becky, London

What would happen if Superted had too much to drink?
Philip Duncan, Cardiff

How was your back, sack and crack wax?
Ian Downey, Watford

What is it you love so much about the ballet?
Ellie, London

Remember that afternoon in Bolsover?
Brian, Kingsley

If there are 42 people competing for 21 seats on a tube train, what do you get?
Rowan Madsen, Bury St Edmunds, UK

OK, The Darkness are all right, but what would make them really really good ?
Bazza, Bromley

If a briefly exposed nipple constitutes a grave threat to all humanity and morality, what passes as good family entertainment?
Tim G, London, UK

What was missing from the rather boring Brit awards ceremony?
Graham S, London

How will former couch potato Rob Liddle react today if LBQ readers make yet more jokes about his weight?
George Radachowsky, Edinburgh

This is the age of cynicism, Smashy and Nicey are out. Who's in?
Kip, Norwich, UK

George W Bush: "Terrorism against our country or any other will not be distolerated. The US will respond with...
Mark, Bristol

The reaction to the battery life of an iPod mini?
Tony, Manchester

If we weren't all so cynical, how else would we feel the need to behave?
Matt, Cardiff

The names in the WWF have just gone too far...

The first 2 episodes of the new improved All Creatures Great and Small starring Ross Kemp?
Iain Bowie, London

Princess Anne's newest dog?
Mark, Oxford

David JW, Sheffield

Roland Rat's reaction on hearing of Greg Dyke's resignation?
Alex, London

What is the best way to approach child-proof bottle tops?
Ed, Clacton

The church is aiming to attract more members by replacing the kiss of peace with _________________.
John Whapshott, Guildford

England v Portugal?
Janet B, Nottingham

Name the two films Jean Claude Van Damme has recently starred in?
Andrew CUlley, Grantham

In what way might Gary Feldman have reacted when Si Griffin intimated his mouth was big enough for a tube train?
Shiz, Cheshire, UK

All wrong. The correct question was how was Henry VIII-style football described by a Tudor writer.


Tuesday's answer is "BIG ENOUGH FOR A TUBE TRAIN"

Entries are now closed. Wrong questions included:

Urban Graffiti Artist's Handbook: Aerosol Standard Font size 7200 is usually described as....
Dave, Aix-en-Provence, France

Dear Blue Peter, I've made a matchstick railway, pipe-cleaner people and a yoghurt pot ticket office. How big should my shoebox station be?
Steve, Liverpool

How big is the new Hornby xxxx gauge?
Peter, Dowlais

What is the opposite of small enough for a deflated spacehopper?
Sarah, Thetford

Gary Feldman's mouth? ;)
Si Griffin, UK

What does it say on the side of aerosol paint cans sold to teenagers?
J, London

Tabloid version of The Times? I'll stick with my broadsheet version - it's _______
Graham S, London

If you stack-up yesterday's answer, how much space would you have ?
Charlie, Alcester

The Screen Room in Nottingham's big enough for a Murder on the Orient Express but not ......
Janet B, Nottingham

I wish 'Twenty Questions' hadn't caught on with trainspotters ...
Dr Reece Walker, London UK

If Brighton, Colchester and Canterbury are too small for one, how would you describe London?
Ben, UK

What punchline makes up the rest of Roy Chubby Brown's fat jokes?
Alex, Manchester

Si Griffin?
Gary Feldman, London, UK

The sales rep told me broadband was what?
Niall, Belfast

Once big enough merely for a bus, The hole in the ozone layer is now _____________.
Austin Curzon, London

How to spot a sumo wrestler who's gone underground?
Candace, New Jersey, US

We can easily improve access to Stonehenge, now we've discovered the space between the stones is ......................
Phil Sears, Dorking

What Belsize is this Park?
Helene Parry, Twickenham

Does my bum look big in this?
Peter Niven, Inverness

The gap that the elderly female micra driver in front of you is waiting to get through?
Alison, Leeds

When designing a tube station you need to make sure that it is what?
Vic, London, UK

The latest enlargement mail in my inbox is offering what
Colin Larcombe, Paris

In order to make Cross Rail financially viable, the tube tunnels will be not quite what?
Stuart Sands, London

For a standard train, "crowding" is an adequate description, but "overcrowding" is the only term...
C. Earl, Batley

How big's the new king size polo!
Tom, Chatham, Kent

What is the minimum safe area to park your people carrier
Ian Davies, London

All wrong. The correct question was how wide is the framework of the new arch, being lifted above Wembley stadium?


Monday's answer is "21 SEATS"

Entries are now closed. Wrong questions included:

What is the punchline to the majority of Roy Chubby Brown's jokes about the obese?
Alex, Manchester

What do you get if you multiply 7 Volkswagens by 3 shopping trolleys?
Simon Rivers, London W1

Held by Regius Professors of Pontoon?
Carenza, Hull

John Prescott in the Commons under the proposed PPR (physical proportional representation) voting system
Stephen H, Nottingham, UK

What is the duration of the longest note held in Bill Withers' song 'Lovely Day'? No, wait...
Graham Brown, Mostly Oxfordshire

A cynic? isn't that a Renault people carrier with 21... no, wait.
Vicky, East London

IDS conference venue criteria (revised)?
M Howard, Westminster

Non-sequitur Bingo calling?
Adrian H, Southampton

How much of The Magazine's office seems to have been dedicated today to the LBQ to prevent a repeat of the Friday 13 fiasco last week?
Tim G, London, UK

Parts list for a self-assembly tandem: "... 19 Frame, 20 Pedals..."
Ed, Plymouth, UK

The Ford Tardis LXi?
Neil, Birmingham

The quietest day of Jack Bauer's life?
Neil, Birmingham

What's the difference between Opera and Grand Opera?
Neil, Birmingham

What is required for a dinner party for 10 couples and a gooseberry?
John Underwood, Edinburgh

Does my bum look big in this?
Ben, UK

Number of places given to sky marshals on flight BA223?
Jenny, Oxford

What's the difference between the Lib Dems and the Conservatives?
Robin Hughes, Cheadle, UK

I'm not that I'm a greedy aristocrat, just that I have....
Parminder, Leeds

In a survey of 100 rail passengers, what was named as the thing they were most likely to fight over?
Graham Triggs, London, UK

John Prescott's extravagant Czech Republic counterpart is often referred to as what?
Eddy, Bristol

Another term for BlackJack Chairs?
Stuart Sands, London

What is utilised after a 21 gun salute?
Stuart Sands, London

What does half a bus have?
Ian Davies, London

What is Lot 296 in the Leeds Utd auction?
Kieran Boyle, Oxford

What is that Roman Abramovich does not need at the Millennium Stadium in May?
Peter Greenhill, London

How much room did the popcorn and sweet-guzzling woman next to me at the cinema on Saturday need?
Rod Findlay, Newcastle

How many Spanish cars does it take to screw-in a light bulb.
Peter , Beaconsfield

42 Gluteus maximi = ?
Peter Niven, Inverness

Muchos muchos "auto emoción"?
Dan Leaphard, Lichfield, Staffs

Former couch potato Rob Liddle confesses he has not quite shaken his old ways, as he arranges for what to be placed along the London Marathon course?
Shiz, Cheshire, UK

What can be found at the top of the 39 steps?
Rob Holman, Chislehurst, Kent, England

21 sofas minus 21 armchairs equals?
Ben, UK

What do you need to play musical chairs with 22 people.
Andy Donaldson, London

All wrong. The correct question was how big is the Screen Room in Nottingham, now officially the world's smallest cinema.


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