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Last Updated: Friday, 13 February, 2004, 14:34 GMT
Send us your flag design
Peter Savile's design
Ever thought your own town, city or county deserved its own flag? Now's your chance to share your inspiration.

This lop-sided-looking flag of St George could just become the new emblem of the north-west of England. Seemingly off-centred, and looking like a glaring graphics error, the flag cunningly draws the onlooker's attention to the north-western quarter of the more traditional flag of England.

The flag has been designed by Peter Saville, the man behind the record sleeves for Joy Division, as part of a campaign in favour of a regional assembly for the region, which is being headed by the founder of Factory Records, Tony Wilson.

Wilson says the flag is really intended as a symbol for the campaign, rather than an official flag, and says: "If you're going into battle, [a flag] is a very useful thing to have."

Devon's green and white flag has proved popular
Last year the Magazine reported on the growing popularity of a flag for Devon - a white cross on a green background. Cornwall is one of the other parts of the country which already proudly displays its flag.

But if you believe your county, city or indeed even town deserves its own flag, perhaps representing what is the best or worst thing about it, it's time to step up and do your duty.

Send us your spiffy handiwork (in JPG or GIF format please) to the.magazine@bbc.co.uk. The most original will be published here and on the Today programme website.


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