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Quiz: Cannabis and the law
Cannabis will be reclassified on Thursday from a Class B to a Class C drug in England and Wales, a move which has caused widespread confusion. How much do you know about the drug - and the new rules? Test yourself.

William Straw, S Club 7, Tom Parker Bowler and the Rev Nick Beddow

Question 1
Which offence will become legal once cannabis is reclassified?
A: Selling cannabis (for which William Straw was cautioned)
B: Possession (for which the boys of S Club Seven were cautioned)
C: Recreational use (Tom Parker Bowles was exposed as a cannabis user in 2000)
D: Medicinal use (Rev Nick Beddow took part in an Irish trial)
E: None of the above
Question 2
After reclassification, what will happen if a police officer finds that you are carrying a joint?
A: Nothing
B: Confiscation
C: Arrest and formal warning
D: Prosecution
Question 3
What if you are a teenager?
A: Nothing
B: Confiscation
C: Arrest and formal warning
D: Prosecution
Question 4
"My friends put some cannabis into my pipe when I was 18 or 19. I wasn't actually able to tell they had done so, because I didn't inhale it anyway." Said which public figure when asked if they'd tried marijuana?
A: Oliver Letwin
B: Prince Charles
C: Stephen Fry
D: Tony Benn
Question 5
I want to set up a cannabis café - will the police turn a blind eye now, like they do in Amsterdam?
A: Yes
B: No
Question 6
Speaking of the Dutch, it's legal in the Netherlands to be in possession of a small amount of cannabis, right?
A: True
B: False
Question 7
While many users may suffer nothing more troubling than an anxiety attack or severe case of the munchies, which of these do regular, heavy smokers risk?
A: Learning difficulties
B: Lung cancer
C: Lowered sperm count
D: Psychotic episodes
E: Any of the above
Question 8
What is a typical street price for an eighth of an ounce of cannabis, according to the Home Office?
A: £8
B: £15
C: £28
Question 9
Which of these is NOT another word for cannabis?
A: Bob Hope
B: Cake
C: Ganja
D: Sensemilla
Question 10
Which of these is also a Class C drug?
B: Speed
C: Codeine

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