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Last Updated: Tuesday, 16 December, 2003, 11:26 GMT
Quiz of the year's news, part 1
It's the time of year for 52 Weeks 52 Questions. Test yourself on 2003's ups and downs, winners and losers in the first instalment of our four-part quiz.

One winner and one loser from the war: Donald Rumsfeld and Mohammed Saeed al-Sahhaf. But which of them said the following about looters: "My goodness! Were there that many vases? Is it possible there were that many vases in the whole country?"
A: Rumsfeld
B: al-Sahhaf
David Blaine spent the summer up a crane. But who did he compare himself to?
A: Houdini
B: Jesus
C: The Great Soprendo
D: Nelson Mandela
Jeffrey Archer was freed from prison, having been sentenced to four years. How long did he actually serve?
A: 20 months
B: 26 months
C: 32 months
Michael Howard was crowned Tory leader. Iain Duncan Smith instead took to writing. But which of these reviews WASN'T for his novel?
A: "Pretty grim stuff really."
B: "Terrible, terrible, terrible."
C: "As arousing as a wet weekend in West Wittering with your aunt."
D: "Woodwormy with cliche."
One man who helped change the world died this year after slipping on the ice. Who?
A: Barry White, who inspired the world to love
B: Robert Atkins, who helped the world diet
C: Sir Wilfred Thesiger, who told the world of the Marsh Arabs
Tecwen Whittock found fame for his strategic coughing in quizzes. What did he claim was the cause of the coughing?
A: Cough variant asthma
B: Irritable oesophagal syndrome
C: bronchial interruptus
"Is that in Buckingham?" Whose response was this when asked about Buckingham Palace?
A: Comedy terrorist Aaron Barschack being investigated by police after gatecrashing at Windsor Castle
B: A new 118 directory inquiries service
Concorde retired. But how did Barry Manilow break his nose?
A: A piano lid fell on it
B: He walked into a door
C: A bit of staging collapsed
Goodbye Dolly. The world's first cloned animal, the six-year-old sheep, died in February. Which of these statements about her is untrue?
A: Her body has been stuffed, and is now on show to the curious in a museum near Glasgow
B: The sheep she was cloned from, Molly, is still alive on a farm in the Highlands
C: She had six lambs, all of which were conceived conventionally
The UK entry to the Eurovision Song Contest scored a magnificent nul points, while Turkey won. Rank these Eurovision favourites on this year's result, highest first.
A: Israel, Norway, Ireland
B: Norway, Ireland, Israel
C: Ireland, Israel, Norway
US forces reportedly used loud music to break the resolve of Iraqi prisoners. But which of these tunes did they NOT use?
A: Sesame Street
B: Barney
C: South Park
When Jonny Wilkinson scored his World Cup-winning drop-kick, his mum was in Tesco. Where was his dad?
A: Watching in the living room
B: Standing cheering in the stands in Sydney
C: Nervously pacing outside the stadium

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Prize question

Entries for the prize question are now closed. To find out who the pictures are of, and what links them, see the answer on part four of the quiz.

Share the joy of 52 Weeks 52 Questions with your workmates! Print out our quiz league table, pin it up in your office and fill it in every day this week.


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