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Last Updated: Thursday, 4 December 2003, 19:59 GMT
Quiz of the week's news

It's time again for the Magazine's quiz of the week's news, Seven Days Seven Questions.

Which of these statements did Posh Spice NOT say on Parkinson?
A: Me and the kids are flying backwards all the time
B: David kept his mouth quiet
C: I think gay marriage should be between a man and a woman
D: We're quite private people
Complete the following sentence, which has won Donald Rumsfeld a "foot in mouth" award for garbled speech. "We also know there are known unknowns; that is to say ____"
A: "we know there are some things we do not know"
B: "what we know is that we don't know what"
C: "we know what we don't know"
Which of the following conceptual artists was NOT accused of copying this week?
A: Damien Hirst
B: Monica Bonvicini
C: Tracey Emin
Which "equality bill" announced this week seeks to right "one of the most blatant and demeaning forms of discrimination in our society"?
A: A motion by St Hilda's College, Oxford, to allow men into the city's only remaining single sex college
B: A proposal by New York City councillors that builders must provide twice as many toilets for women as men
C: The government's new Disability Bill, which could "benefit up to 73,000" people
"You can love someone and know it's not right for you." Who said it?
A: Lord Nelson, in a letter to his mistress Lady Emma Hamilton, sold for 117,000
B: Tom Cruise speaking about ex-wife Nicole Kidman at the launch of his film The Last Samurai
C: Sharon Osbourne, admitting she once cheated on husband Ozzy with his best friend Randy Rhoads
Of which publication did critics say: "We have serious objections to most of the content"?
A: A catalogue by US fashion firm Abercrombie and Fitch which featured so much naked flesh the first clothing item did not appear until page 122
B: Monica Ali's Booker-nominated Brick Lane which drew ire from London's Bangladeshi community
C: Ex-butler Paul Burrell's book A Royal Duty about his time in the service of Princess Diana
No birthday question this week. Instead, the three most performed Christmas songs in Britain last year were: Fairytale of New York (The Pogues and Kirsty McColl), Merry Xmas Everybody (Slade) and White Christmas (Bing Crosby). Rank them in order, most popular first.
A: Merry, White, Fairytale
B: Fairytale, Merry, White
C: White, Fairytale, Merry

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There is no quiz league this month because of the Christmas holiday. But there will be a one-off league for the Magazine's annual quiz, 52 Weeks, 52 Questions, later this month.

This week's highlights of the Lunchtime Bonus Question (in which we give you the answer and you tell us the question) include:

  • Ibbi of Portsmouth who on Monday said "Thought for the Day Advent Calendar: 1 Dec: ____________" was the correct question to the answer "It's all downhill from here."

  • Rob Holman of Chislehurst, Kent who on Tuesday thought "When throwing caution to the wind, you must beware what?" was the correct question to the answer "Boomerang factor".

  • Craig of Geneva who on Wednesday thought "How is Rubens's oeuvre best described?" was the correct question to the answer "Art of kilograms".

They were all wrong, and they weren't alone. For more wrong questions, see the Lunchtime Bonus Question from 1030 GMT every weekday as part of the Magazine (www.bbc.co.uk/magazine), where you see the funky knife and fork. For today's round, click this link.


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