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More of your Limericks

To mark National Poetry Day, we suggested six first lines of Limericks, and invited you to supply the rest of the poem.

We printed some of the best on Thursday - here is a further selection.

A mind-reader picked up a gun
Asked "Out of six chambers pick ONE".
"Yet, the bullet," he said,
"Won't be fired at my head".
To the dismay of some journalist scum.
Steve Grant, UK

When J-Lo and Ben named the day
They had already decided to pay
Nowt to the spouse
And don't mention the house,
The pre-nup agreement did say
Sundeep Malhotra, London, UK

At Blackpool one day by the sea,
IDS made his speech rousingly,
The party all cheered,
Though they thought it was weird,
When he wore kitten heels on TV.

Julia Yemm, England

When J-Lo and Ben named the day
We all wished they'd both go away.
Because, don't you see
We want to be free
Of stories of these two all day.
Alan, England

At Blackpool one day by the sea
IDS became very angry.
"I'm not going to resign,
My reign is benign -
With that you must surely agree."
Judith Edwards, UK

When Tony asked Gordon to lunch
He said to him "I've got a hunch
If you'll back me to win
I will hire some spin
On the Tories we'll land a KO punch."
Lawrence Maidment, Wales

When Tony asked Gordon to lunch,
Gordon planned on an innocent munch,
He didn't think the entree,
Would be arsenic soufflé,
But Tony's sniggering gave him a hunch.
Ralph, UK

A mind-reader picked up a gun
Hardly anyone's idea of fun
But it's still knocks the socks
Off that git in the box
Good to see he's been finally outdone!
Gary Feldman, UK

When Tony asked Gordon to lunch,
Said Gordon: "Why Tone, thanks a bunch!
I would love to succeed you",
Tony said "I don't need you,
"There's no deal, when comes the crunch."
Chris Hartley, UK

At Blackpool one day by the sea,
IDS said: Listen to me!
I'm through being quiet,
C'mon Tories riot...
...On second thoughts, let's wait and see.
Allan Morris, England

On Arnie's first day in the job
He smiled full of cheese at the mob
"Oh really, you guys..
This is such a surprise...!"
Whilst the rest of the world looked agog.
Gina Peach, UK

On Arnie's first day on the job
The state was attacked by a mob
Who saw little humour
In movies like Junior
But strangely liked What About Bob?
Chris Vickery, US

A mind reader picked up a gun
Thought to himself "This could be done.
With help from a stranger
I'll pretend I'm in danger,
And fool all the public for fun."
Anthony Callaghan, UK

At Blackpool one day by the sea
Maggie rattled her handbag with glee
"Voters hate I D S
and don't like rest
Now the party must turn back to me."
Amanda Green, UK

When J-Lo and Ben named the day
The tabloids cheered hip hip hooray
When the whole deal fell through
They didn't feel blue
Since there's so much more gossip to say
Philip, US

At Blackpool one day by the sea
I was stung on the arm by a wasp.
When asked "Did that hurt"
I replied "No it didn't...
And anyway, I think it was a hornet"
Dominic Allonby, England

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