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The Limerick Challenge
To mark National Poetry Day, you are formally invited to join the Magazine's Limerick Challenge.

National Poetry Day is an annual opportunity to be reminded of poems and poets we have loved. And few forms of poem are as widely admired as the limerick.

From Edward Lear, through Spike Milligan and even down to the I'm Sorry I Haven't a Clue team, the appeal of limericks has lasted for well over a century.

So in that spirit, you are invited to come up with the next four lines of any of these openers.

On Arnie's first day in the job...

At Blackpool one day by the sea...

When J-Lo and Ben named the day...

When Tony asked Gordon to lunch...

A mind-reader picked up a gun...

When footballers threaten to strike...

Here are some of the best of your suggestions.

When Tony asked Gordon to lunch
They had leadership issues to crunch
But before Gordon knew it
Tony cried out, "Let's do it!
Me as PM! I'm the best of the bunch."

Tim Hewitt, UK

On Arnie's first day on the job
They told him to raise a few bob
But the state's debt was greater
Than a mere Terminator
And his foot ended up in his gob
Tim G, UK

When footballers threaten to strike
Them and the Postmen are alike
What happens the most
is they both hit the post
they should all just go get on their bike
Rob Flowers, UK

When Tony asked Gordon to lunch
On a napkin while both men did munch
They wrote down a deal
But as Blair left the meal
From his hand came an audible scrunch
Hamish, UK

When J-Lo and Ben named the day,
"I do", they intended to say,
Then Ben did a dance,
With a bare girl from France,
And Jenni said "Marry? No way!"
Myles, UK

When Tony asked Gordon to lunch,
The Chancellor said "Thanks a bunch!
My chances of leading,
Feel like they're receeding,
Don't know why but I may have a hunch."
Dave, England

When footballers threaten to strike
The FA says, rightly, "On your bike";
Poor Rio forgot
To pee in his pot
And Graham Taylor says "Drug tests, do I not like"
Al Hunter, UK

When footballers threatened to strike
David Beckam was questioned by mic
In keen contemplation
of this unusual formation
He said: "11 strikers is not what I like!"
Chris Pritchett, Bristol, UK

When Tony asked Gordon to lunch
Things inevitably came to the crunch
End with brandy, or port?
They debated and fought
Until Prescott solved all - with a punch
Nick Buckley, UK

A mind-reader picked up a gun
The world he was planning to stun
But no talentless dolt
Was this man with a Colt
A mere trick, but impeccably done
Paul Villa, Wales, UK

When footballers threaten to strike
It's important to all think alike
Rio said they should go
Beckham said he don't know
Michael Owen said "do what you like...."
Mark, Reading

A mind-reader picked up a gun
Replete with not six but with one
As he fingered the trigger
He stifled a snigger
When he thought of the ratings he'd won
Chris Pritchett, Bristol, UK

A mind-reader picked up a gun
Raised it to his head just for fun.
"If it's in chamber five
I'll thank God I'm alive
But I'm buggered if it's in number one"
Adrian Buxton, London, England

A mind-reader picked up a gun
Which he clicked at his head one by one
but it was really a trick
so like this limerick,
it didn't really have the dramatic ending that everyone was secretly hoping for
Timbo, Ingleby Barwick

A mind-reader picked up a gun
And said "Here's my idea of some fun,
I'll put this gun to my head,
Your minds will be read,
It will soon become clear how I've done!".
Simon Redman, UK

At Blackpool one day by the sea
A young lady did strip for a fee
Up sidled a copper
Who started to stop her
And said "This ain't Fala-ra-kee"
Michael Slowey, UK

At Blackpool one day by the sea
IDS thought he'd never be free
for the traitors & hacks
say his leadership lacks
and PM he never will be!
Paul Southern, UK

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