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Last Updated: Wednesday, 3 September, 2003, 12:39 GMT 13:39 UK
Would you get a British passport?
Finals proposals for a "Britishness test" have been published by the Home Office. Soon, all immigrants applying for British citizenship will be expected to demonstrate broad knowledge of life in the UK. The proposals set out a wide range of topics they will be expected to know, from the tenets of parliamentary democracy to consumer law; employment issues to shifts in youth culture.

Here are 10 hypothetical questions - see how you would fare in such a test.

CULTURE: The features pictured above make up part of which historic British tourist attraction?
A: St Paulís Cathedral
B: Buckingham Palace
C: Nelsonís Column
D: The Albert Memorial
EMPLOYMENT: The national minimum wage for workers aged 22 and over goes up next month from £4.20 per hour to what?
A: £4.30 per hour
B: £4.50 per hour
C: £5.00 per hour
POLITICS: Our current prime minister, Tony Blair, leads the Labour Party. Which of the following prime ministers has NOT led the Labour Party?
A: Edward Heath
B: Harold Wilson
C: James Callaghan
D: Clement Atlee
YOUTH CULTURE: The UK has a vibrant youth culture. Which of the following is NOT a British musical group?
A: Westlife
B: Mis-teeq
C: So Solid Crew
D: Busted
MONARCHY: Queen Elizabeth II, the head of state, celebrates an "official birthday", the date of which changes every year. But which is her actual birthday?
A: 23 April
B: 14 June
C: 21 April
CONSUMER AFFAIRS: You've bought a kettle from a high street electrical retailer - under what circumstances can you demand your money back?
A: You changed your mind, you don't like it?
B: It keeps switching off before the water boils
C: You discover a friend has already bought one for you
D: All of the above
CONSTITUTION: The United Kingdom has a devolved government, which means special groups of elected officials currently meet in both Edinburgh and Cardiff. Who is first minister of the Welsh Assembly?
A: Rhodri Morgan
B: Jack McConnell
C: Peter Hain
D: Denzil Davies
WORKING RIGHTS: Under working time regulations after six hours' work you are entitled to a break of how long?
A: 20 minutes
B: 30 minutes
C: 60 minutes
RELIGION: According to the most recent census, 72% of the British population gave their religion as Christian. The second most popular religion registered just 3%, but what is it?
A: Hinduism
B: Islam
C: Judaism
LANGUAGE: English is the most widely spoken language in the UK, but there are six other minority spoken languages. Which of the following is NOT an official UK language?
A: Welsh
B: Scots
C: Cockney
D: Cornish

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