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Caption competition FAQs
Some frequently asked questions about the caption competition

Q: How many entries do you get?
A: Every week we get thousands of entries for this competition, and every week hundreds of people enter pretty much the same caption. It may be in cases like this that the most aptly expressed idea wins, or it may be that none of them is novel enough.

Q: How do you decide which is the winner?
A: Judging this competition is inevitably going to be subjective. We are looking for captions which simply make us laugh.

Q: When does this competition appear?
A: The photograph is published by noon BST on Thursdays, and the winners are published 24 hours later (give or take a few minutes). You will usually be able to find the competition on the front page or the UK index.

Q: Why are the winning entries not funny?
A: You should see some of the losing ones.

Q: Why didn't my caption win?
A: We try to consider every entry, and we value your feedback - which you can send to us using the form below - but if your entry didn't win, there is not much that can be done about it. Sorry, and please try again next week.

Q: Can I enter more than once?
A: Of course.

Q: May I swear?
A: You may, but you can be sure that obscene or offensive entries will not win. Neither will entries which question the parentage/integrity/humour of the judges.

Q: What's the prize?
A: Kudos.

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