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In pictures: A Tribute To Muhammad Ali
GOAT: A Tribute To Muhammad Ali cover
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A new book is about to hit the shelves in the UK, GOAT(Greatest of all Time): A Tribute To Muhammad Ali by Angelo Dundee is big in every sense; 750 pages individually bound for a limited run of 10,000 copies and a price tag of 2000.
Cassius Clay, loved by children. Photo 1962  Howard L. Bingham
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Featuring classic photographs such as this by Howard Bingham of Ali in 1962...
Clay met his idols Sugar Ray Robinson and Joe Louis in Los Angeles. Photo 1962  Howard L. Bingham
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...and lesser known images as here with his idols Sugar Ray Robinson and Joe Louis in Los Angeles.
Preparations get underway for one of the classic staged photo-shoots of Ali's career. The shoot took place at the height of the build-up to the Clay vs. Liston fight. Photo 1963  Howard L. Bingham
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Contributors to the book also include some of the greatest writers and artists from the last 60 years including Andy Warhol. Here Ali prepares for one of his staged photo shoots.
Photo 1967  Carl Fischer
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This shot by Carl Fischer, based on Andrea del Castagno's painting The Martyrdom of St. Sebastian, was intended as a comment on Ali's refusal to be drafted and fight in Vietnam, sacrificing his championship title and income at the peak of his career.
Photo 1970  George Kalinsky
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George Kalinsky caught Muhammad Ali heading for the Fight of the Century against reigning heavyweight champion Joe Frazier (right) in 1971 after Ali's official return to the ring in October 1970.
Ali in the ring
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Muhammad Ali has been personally involved in the writing drawing and insights of this unique publication, working alongside his friend and artist Jeff Koons. GOAT is published by Taschen in April.





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