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Last Updated: Thursday, 5 February, 2004, 11:43 GMT
Your perspective on the world: 31 Jan - 6 Feb
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Ian Grace: Liberty State Park, just over the river from the NY skyline and the WTC site.
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Chris Yeun: Wild dolphins had been following our boat, in the Gulf of Papagayo off the western coast of Costa Rica, just before this picture was taken.
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Karen DeCoster: National Amphibian Conservation Centre, Detroit Zoo in Michigan. Two little girls absolutely riveted to this peephole totally oblivious to their Mom calling them to move on.
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Robert Grewcock: A quintessentially English attraction, the antithesis of a perceived ride for a younger generation.
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Ben Cooper: This picture which I took while on holiday in America is of the Stars and Stripes in chains in the Harley Davidson Restaurant, Las Vegas.
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Jim Crissman: This was my first trip to Monterey, California. My girlfriend and I were driving along the coast up to Big Sur when I screamed and told her to pull over, because I saw this view from the roadside.
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Michelle Breiner: The entrance to Tower Bridge, London.
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Alexander Griffiths (aged 13): The Mala Mala Game Reserve, South Africa.
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Elvi Yuliani: The fishermen painted their houses with different colours, to tell which house is theirs when they get home after a night out drinking!
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Tim Ramsbotton: This is Clarissa, one of 2 kune-kune pigs (Jennifer being the other) that live at the Sheppy's Cider brewery near Taunton, Somerset.





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