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In pictures: Gamers go dancing
Dancing Stage arcade machine
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Dance Dance Revolution (DDR) is an arcade game that is sweeping Europe, having conquered Asia and the US. The first ever DDR European tournament drew competitors from around Europe.
Two competitors battle it out
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Two competitors battle it out in a footwork frenzy. On the left is Snute from Norway who is only 13 years old.
Players face the machine
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You put your left foot in...
Players face the machine
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Your left foot out...
Stepping on the arrows
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And you shake it all about. The game has a large online community supporting it, with over 100 new members joining a day.
Fancy footwork
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When the songs are fast, the footwork is incredible. Players practice for a year or more to get really good.
Lights and footwork
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The lights and loud music add to the hypnotising spectacle, but the thumping and banging beats can go to your head.
Psyching up
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Competitions are based on accuracy of steps. A UK challenger checks out the competition as he psyches himself up.
Getting a massage
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No special equipment is required for the sport, but there are ways to prepare, according to DDR:UK webmaster, Myst.





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