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Picture Gallery: The Shipman Case
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Mr Justice Forbes sentenced Shipman to 15 concurrent life sentences. He said he would recommend that life should mean life.
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The jury gave its unanimous verdicts after six days' deliberation.
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The police van carrying Shipman leaves court for the last time.
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Shipman's loyal wife, Primrose, was in court every day - often supported by one of the couple's four children.
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The Surgery, Market Street, Hyde - Shipman's practice.
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The GP was caught after forging Kathleen Grundy's will on this typewriter.
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It was in this surgery that the well-respected GP saw his patients.
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The recovery couch in Shipman's surgery. Ivy Lomas was murdered at his surgery on May 29, 1997. Shipman continued to see other patients before telling anyone she was dead.
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Diamorphine hydrochloride, the drug with which Shipman murdered his victims.
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Angela Woodruff, the daughter of victim Kathleen Grundy, leaves Preston Crown Court with her husband, David. It was Mrs Woodruff's suspicions about Dr Shipman that led to his arrest.
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Dr Shipman's practice sent this card to Betty Moss's family following her death. Her family now believe she may have been another victim.
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The Shipman saga draws to a close. The killer was found hanging in his cell in Wakefield Prison at 0620 GMT by staff who tried to revive him. He was pronounced dead at 0810 GMT.





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