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In pictures: Your Concorde tributes part II
Concorde taking off from Birmingham, October 2003, by Garry Chiles from the UK
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This is the second set of the best Concorde images sent in by our users. Garry Chiles took the above: "Concorde take-off, Birmingham, 20 October 2003."
The Birth of Concorde, Filton 1968, by Roy Mason from the UK
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Roy Mason: "Filton in 1968 when Concorde was being built. Through a mutual friend I knew one of the senior engineers who gave permission for myself and another amateur photographer to take some pictures."
Concorde flight test, RAF Fairford, by Roy Pontin from the USA
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Roy Pontin: "This picture was taken at RAF Fairford during the initial flight tests when spectators were allowed in when Concorde was flying."
View from Concorde, by Dafydd Hughes
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Dafydd Hughes: "London to New York, December 2002."
British Airways and Air France Concorde's at Dallas/ Fort Worth International Airport on January 12, 1979, by Dan Kuhn from Texas, USA
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Dan Kuhn: "The WT White High School Band pictured was on hand for the ceremony inaugurating a Concorde service to Dallas Fort Worth airport in 1979. We (the members of the band) were given these pictures as a souvenir."
Heathrow, 17 October 2003, by Simon Cooper from the UK
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Simon Cooper: "I took this picture as Concorde came in to land at Heathrow. It is an amazing sight and we will be sorry to see it go."
Crew on Concorde wing at JFK, New York, August 2003, by Clem Evans
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Clem Evans: "An obviously sentimental Concorde crew taking a final picture on a Concorde wing. I took them in the passenger lounge of JFK in August of this year."
Concorde about to be towed from the BA engineering base at Heathrow, across a public road to Terminal 4 for her 1830 flight to New York, October 4 2003, by Stephen Daniels from Scotland
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Stephen Daniels: "She was about to be towed from the BA engineering base at Heathrow across a public road. She stopped to pose for a few minutes as the tow-people awaited the police escort. You can see them casually reading their paper in the tow-truck."
Cockpit of Concorde BA 0002 on the tarmac at Heathrow, by Andrew Walker
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Andrew Walker: "Captain Ron Weidner (on the left) reflects on his own final Concorde flight, BA 0002 sitting on the tarmac at Heathrow."
Concorde landing in Bahrain, 1970s, by Roger Phillips from the UK
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Roger Phillips: "The poles are the last of the runway lights. I only got one shot and this is it. The whole experience was very exhilarating as the noise was incredible - I was less than 100 feet below the Concorde as it went over."





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