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In pictures: Your Concorde tributes part I
Concorde just after take-off at JFK, by Anthony Pansini from New York, USA
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This is a selection of the best images of Concorde sent in by our users. Another set will be published on Friday. Anthony Pansini: "Concorde just after take-off from JFK in New York on July 30, 2003."
First flight of a UK prototype Concorde, 9 April 1969, by Michael Elson, originally from Bristol now of Florida, USA
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Michael Elson: "The first Bristol-built prototype flew on 9 April 1969. I was 17 at the time and the headmaster gave us permission to go and see the take-off. I still remember the roars, one from the aircraft and one from the crowd."
British Airways apprenticeship class of 1985, by Stuart Yule from Germany
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Stuart Yule: "Photo shows nearly all of the BA engineering apprenticeship intake of 1985. Far from being glamorous, Concorde was small, cramped and old - but an engineering masterpiece."
British Airways Concorde (G-BOAC) at Ottawa, Canada, January 1989, by Steve Evans from Ontario, Canada
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Steve Evans: "British Airways Concorde (G-BOAC) being de-iced on a very cold day in Ottawa, Canada, January 1989."
Concorde G-BOAE in the maintenance hangar at Heathrow, September, 2003, by Alasdair McLean, with thanks to the duty engineer
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Alasdair McLean: "This was taken early one Sunday morning in September 2003, just before I left BA as an engineer, and is of G-BOAE as she was in the hanger for some routine maintenance."
Concorde cockpit as the visor comes down, by John Little from Scotland
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John Little: "I was very fortunate to be in the cockpit of Concorde as the captain selected the visor down on the approach into London Heathrow. From the quiet of streamlined flight the noise of the air was immediately apparent."
Concorde, late 1970s, by Maurice Procter from the UK
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Ian Procter: "I believe this was taken in the late 70s when my father flew to the US on business. He was a firm believer in the reduced flying time. I think, however, he secretly enjoyed meeting show-business characters and VIPs."
Concorde over Heathrow airport at night, October 2003, by Harm Rutten from the Netherlands
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Harm Rutten: "It was always my dream to see and take photos of Concorde in action. In October 2003, I travelled to Heathrow for four fully dedicated days. I mastered some night shots to show her amazing after burners."
Flight attendant Martine Bell on one of her last Concorde flights after 22 years service, by Johnathan Safford from Florida, USA
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Johnathan Safford: "On one of her last flights after 22 years cabin service, Martine Bell was asked to autograph a Concorde book. She flipped through the pages and then exclaimed 'Oh my! This is a picture of me!'. And, sure enough, it was."
Concorde take-off from Heathrow on Saturday 18 October 2003, by Karen Dutton from the UK
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Karen Dutton: "Heathrow, Saturday 18 October 2003. The verges were crowded with parked cars and people who were there to get their last sightings of Concorde."





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