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More of your favourite buildings
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Last week we asked you to send your pictures of your favourite buildings, famous or not. Here are more of the best.
Iolani Palace, in Honolulu
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Iolani Palace, in Honolulu. "It had indoor, flushing commodes before your Buckingham Palace," says Fran Orian.
Strawberry House
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"Strawberry House in Tokyo. All the playful experimentalism of the bubble economy in one building," says Liam, UK.
Big Ben clocktower
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"The Palace of Westminster has so many faces. It's one of the most famous buildings in the world, but to me it's magical," says photographer Laura-Ann, Kent.
Nature sanctuary made of local stone
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The Nature Sanctuary at the Findhorn Community, near Inverness. "Reminiscent of a Hobbit home, I find it more peaceful than any church," says Val Ghose, Dorset.
Space Needle
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A trip to Seattle is worth it for Tim Nebergall, Oregon. "They strung the Space Needle and played it like a 400ft guitar."
Water pumping station
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"This is an abandoned pumping station near Selby," says Nicola Harlow. "I wish I had the cash to turn it into a house."
Royal Holloway College, London
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"A hidden treasure!" says Andy Potter of London's Royal Holloway College.
Chalet Pujol [for more info see www.capat.org]
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Argentina's Chalet Pujol - at the landing site of the first Welsh immigrants - is a decaying jewel with a tiled octangular tower, says Robin Willson.
Burton Barr Library in Phoenix, Arizona, USA
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Burton Barr Library in Phoenix, Arizona. "Sunlight bleeds down the concrete wall, giving the illusion that the roof is floating," says Michael Kriskovic.
The Alhambra Arab Palace, in Granada, Spain
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The Alhambra Palace sits atop a red hill and offers a fantastic view of Granada, says Adelaida Sanchez.
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Martin Ortlieb cycles past London's "glass gherkin" each day. He likes the way it seems small when up close and large when further away.
Glasgow cinema
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This Glasgow cinema dates from 1938. "Its neon-lit art-deco facade is a great example of night architecture," says Gordon Barr.
Mont Orgueil castle in Jersey, Channel Islands
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Mont Orgueil castle in Jersey reminds John Schmidt, US, of centuries of history played out within its granite walls - and of happy childhood days playing in the bay.
Brandenburg Gate in Berlin
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The Brandenburg Gate in Berlin - a symbol of freedom, says Tarek Ibrahim.
Falling Water
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Frank Lloyd Wright's masterpiece Falling Water is Stephen Kimmel's pick. "It is a strikingly creative design perfectly blended into its surroundings."



Your favourite buildings
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