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Honda's wind turbine plan for Swindon car plant

Impression of how the turbines would look
Honda said the project was still in the early stages

Car manufacturer Honda is planning to use wind turbines to power its plant in Swindon.

Initial proposals are to install two 79m (259ft) high turbines between the village of South Marston and the car plant, with another two on site.

Honda is working on the project with green energy company Ecotricity and a public consultation is due to start.

Concerns about noise and a possible strobe light effect have been raised by South Marston parish council.

Setting sun

Colin McEwen, chairman of the parish council, said: "We're concerned because it'll be situated to the west of the village which means when the sun sets there may be a sort of strobe effect as the turbines go round.

"Also, we understand that there are noise issues which are currently being checked out and I'll be very interested to see the reports on how those issues are going to affect people."

Peter Owen, chairman of Stratton St Margaret Parish Council, said: "All the years that we've dealt with Honda, when they've talked about building engines there and putting the paint plant there, they've talked to us and said what they're going to do and they've made an excellent job of it.

"We've never had a problem with it."

Honda said the project was in the early stages and that it was keeping the local councils fully informed.

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