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Car maker puts ban on chocolate

Employees from Honda's Swindon factory helping to unveil the new three door Honda Civic
Honda staff say they can only eat certain types of chocolate

Staff at Swindon's Honda factory say they have been banned from eating cakes and fruit in their break rooms.

They also claim they can only eat certain types of chocolate bars that do not contain a biscuit base.

Questionnaires are now being issued by the Unite union to consider what action staff should take.

A Honda spokesman said: "Our overall objective is to always deliver the highest quality product and we cannot compromise on achieving this."

He added: "Therefore our company standards are an essential aspect of our business."

Jim D'Avila of Unite told BBC News: "They've barred things like fruit or any product with a biscuit in it so it's got to the ludicrous state where a Mars bar is ok but a Twix bar, because it has a biscuit base, isn't allowed.

"Frankly they've lost the plot. The vast majority of people just can't believe that the company are being so picky in what they're doing."

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28 Sep 06 |  Business

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