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Last Updated: Wednesday, 19 December 2007, 20:18 GMT
Village moves to ban plastic bags
Tisbury, Wiltshire
The Wiltshire village has a population of some 2,000
A Wiltshire village is thought to be the first place in the West to banish plastic bags.

Shops in Tisbury, population 2,000, are bringing in the rule on 1 January to try to reduce plastic waste.

Residents have agreed to use their own bags when shopping. The retired Bishop of Bath and Wells, John Bickersteth, came up with the idea.

He said he wanted to preserve the earth and was delighted to have convinced the traders to help him.

He told BBC News: "The breakthrough came when the Co-op said they'd play ball and I think it's catching on, although it won't happen overnight."

Shop worker Liz Crossley added: "It's a mind-set thing.

"Once you manage to get the bag in the car, then you've cracked it."

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