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Woman, 100, works a six-day week
Phyllis Self
Phyllis Self, 100, regularly works six days a week
A Wiltshire woman has celebrated her 100th birthday with a telegram from the queen and by going in to work at her family-run garden centre.

Phyllis Self from Lacock still works six days a week as Company Secretary and Personnel Director of Whitehall Garden Centre in Lacock.

The horticultural business was opened when she was already 64.

Her prescription for longevity is simple: "Take an interest in people and just love everybody," she said.

She added: "I do feel grateful that I am still able to work. Although I don't live far away, I am lazy enough to drive myself."

The centre's Seasonal Manager, Julie Eadie told BBC News: "You'd never imagine her to be that age, she is so sprightly."

The Managing Director of the company is Phyllis's 70-year-old son Christopher and his own sons, Peter, 43, and Mark, 39, also work at the garden centre.

On Thursday staff gathered to wish Phyllis a happy birthday.

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