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Gardening in the buff takes off
Naked gardeners Ian and Barbara Pollard
There are two more clothes options days planned in 2007
A couple who garden in the buff are holding more open days when the public can walk around their garden naked.

Ian and Barbara Pollard own Abbey House Gardens in Wiltshire, and held the first "Clothes Optional Day" in 2005.

The idea was an immediate success with subsequent days seeing 80% of visitors taking up the option to strip off among the flowers.

Mrs Pollard said: "It feels extremely comfortable - you have a total sense of freedom and being part of nature."

The couple thought up the idea after getting an enthusiastic response from the public to a television programme they took part in about going to work naked.

Naked gardening puts a smile on people's faces but you're definitely more aware of a breeze
Barbara Pollard

After checking the law to see if it was possible, they went ahead.

"If you don't try things in life you never know the answer, so we just did it," said Mrs Pollard.

The days are not exclusively for naturists and there is a clear sign at the entrance to the garden explaining that some people will have chosen to take their clothes off while they look around.

One comment from the visitors' book said: "Absolutely fabulous! Especially the riverside walks and the knot garden. Best seen naked!"

Another added: "A really lovely garden - peaceful and beautiful especially without clothes!"

'It feels lovely'

Former property developer Ian Pollard has been a keen naturist since his early 20s but had to persuade wife Barbara to give naked gardening a go.

"Eventually I tried it and it feels lovely to have the sun on your back and to feel the plants while you are working in the borders," said Mrs Pollard.

The days attract between 250 and 300 people depending on the weather with some 80% choosing to take their clothes off, she added.

"Naked gardening puts a smile on people's faces but you're definitely more aware of a breeze."

The next optional clothes day is 18 August, then 9 September.

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