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Last Updated: Friday, 17 August 2007, 09:04 GMT 10:04 UK
Student's zero-carbon UK journey
Tom Tapper on his bicycle with friends following
Tom is not an "environmental angel"
A Wiltshire student has set off to cycle the length of the UK in 30 days on a zero-carbon budget to show it is possible to live the low-carbon life.

Tom Tapper, 22, from Marlborough, plans to offset any carbon he and his two friends use on the 1,000 mile journey.

A solar panel on their trailer will charge gadgets they use and they will be handing out free energy-saving light bulbs to people en-route.

He said he was no "environmental angel" but wanted to inspire others.

The trio have just finished degrees in Environmental Sciences, and want to produce a documentary of their trip.

Mr Tapper said every aspect of the trip was being monitored.

"The food doesn't just turn up on your plate, it's produced half way across the world then flown in on an aeroplane and transported around the UK via distribution plants to where you buy it so there's massive carbon emissions embedded in food."

The trip will be monitored by carbon charity CRed UK , which will help calculate carbon used and offset.

Wiltshire man spreads an eco message

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