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Last Updated: Thursday, 7 June 2007, 10:40 GMT 11:40 UK
Ancient remains to be re-buried
The ancient remains of four skeletons will be buried at Highworth Cemetery in Wiltshire later this month.

The remains were dug up during local building work and excavations and passed to Highworth Historical Society.

They will be interred in wicker caskets in a secluded plot by an ancient footpath with a service performed by an elder of the Congregational Church.

Two of the skeletons date back to the Bronze Age, one is Roman and one is between 500 and 900 years old.

'Fitting end'

Jo Clark, secretary of Highworth Historical Society, said: "Recent changes to the law mean that there are many restrictions surrounding the retention of archaeological remains.

"The burial site, away from the main area of the cemetery, is ideal and will allow local people to see the grave if they wish.

We believe this is a fitting end for these men who probably lived and worked in or around Highworth many centuries ago."

The remains will be buried with items such as locally sourced mead, honey and a bread roll as 'sustenance for the journey', together with a 2007 copper coin from the Royal Mint.

The interment will involve funeral directors, A E Baker & Sons, Highworth Memorials, who are preparing a headstone, and Highworth Town Council, who manage the cemetery.

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